Got a gift card for Macys

  1. For $200, from SO (today's my birthday!)...and I immediately thought of the Dooney counter at Macy's. Any suggestions? I can pay the balance if a bag suits me and costs more than that.
  2. happy birthday! what kind of bag are you looking for?
  3. Any suggestions would be welcome, but I need a large tote.
  4. I love the anniversary styles I got 3 and they go with everything
  5. i'm going to look @ riiiight now, and post my response asap! ;)
  6. Yup. I was thinking of the Annalisa sac myself!!
  7. camel or marine!~
  8. :huh:h, Merika you should buy your dooney between May 2-6 so you can get an additional 20% off during our Friends & Family event. :yes:
  9. Really?? What do you have to do to get the discount? I was going tomorrow, but can go later in the week.