Got a free Coach pen

  1. I contacted CS because when I received my Legacy Cotton Shoulder Tote about a month ago I didn't get a dustbag. Well, they mailed me a dustag and I just got it today along with a little gift:

    It has the Coach seal on the top! Nice and small for a purse! I love it! :heart:
    DSC04640.JPG DSC04622.JPG
  2. That's so cute! Congrats! :yes:
  3. That's so nice! And this ties in well with the thread that mentioned having nice pens to go with the nice bags!
  4. oooh very nice! what a nice little gift
  5. Sweet! You'll have to add it to your Coach collection! :smile:
  6. I love free stuff. :smile:
  7. That's the pen that Coach will send you (for free) if your agenda is missing one as well. :smile:

    It is darling, I do agree.
  8. Yey! Me Likey Your Pen ;p
  9. Thank you! I was carrying a Mont Blanc Burgandy/Gold pen my brother gave me 5 years ago for my college graduation, but I think it has been replaced. It just goes with my Coach purses better! HEHE. :graucho:
  10. That's sweet.

    I love getting free things.

    My cousin is in to this brand from Spain called 'Tous' and they get like free keychains and small calendars when they buy handbags there . . . and I get jealous.
  11. I gotta say..its great coach has those...because my pen slips out of my agenda ALL the time...luckily it just normally slides into my BAG so I haven't lost it!
  12. cute pen...i love when i get free stuff