Got a few things at the BH boutique ...

  1. And actually really fell in love with the Diorever. It's very utilitarian, a perfect size, carries all my essentials, and I love the flap folding back to make it an open tote. The metallics are super versatile.

    Also the Lady Dior in medium in the calf feels much smaller than the structured medium Lady Dior. The calf is DIVINE. I can't stop feeling the leather - it has a sheen to it, the ivory has a bit of pearl. This bag was so stunning and so substantial IRL it literally made me want to not buy another designer's bag ever. Almost.

    The studded is coming in amaranth and gray for fall (next month).

    Diorever is taking a little hiatus until later as I understand, so I jumped at a couple of those left. Again, I was surprised at how amazing these little guys were. Tying a mitvah scarf on the front handle of the Diorever is SO fun. The tarot ones are nearly sold out, and those have all the great colors.

    Not sure if anyone has posted the little camera bags coming in the same calf/ studded but I want those so badly as well. Price point can't be beat.

    So just posting here for some pics and info. Enjoy

    IMG_1493537249.817466.jpg IMG_1493537271.347413.jpg IMG_1493537296.958942.jpg IMG_1493537311.430908.jpg

    IMG_1493537498.629665.jpg IMG_1493537508.179083.jpg
  2. Wow, they are perfection !
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  3. Omg i love the camera bag!!!!! Do you know when thats coming out?
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  4. The camera bags are divine! Did the come out already? What are the measurements
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  5. I absolutely love the Diorever bag. Love the look of it and the functionality. And the studded bags are lovely too!
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  6. OMG! I'm in love ! Everything Dior in studs are so gorgeous! Will it be too much to want them all?
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  7. Not at all!! I am saving up for at LEAST the amaranth, and maybe the gray too. Maybe the most stunning bag I've ever had with the materials, size, look, functionality, etc.
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  8. Wow you got all these bags?! :nuts: I'm envious!!! I got to see the studded Lady Dior bags in person and they are made exceptionally well. Talk about thick leather that has a level of scratch resistance to it even though it is smooth, and is nice and structured.

    The Diorever is an incredible bag, isn't it? Such a unique design that it looks like a completely different bag when the flap is opened.

    And those camera bags. They certainly give Gucci's Disco bags a run for their money. I much prefer this Dior version.

    Thanks for sharing these incredible pics!
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  9. I am not sure of the measurements, this is just from the lookbook for pre-fall. I am told everything will start trickling in beginning of May (RTW) to late May (bags).
  10. I'm really loving the studded Lady Diors! I want a black mini one as a play bag.

    Nice Diorevers too!
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  11. I did Averagejoe! I couldn't help myself. And it doesn't hurt that the staff at the boutiques are SO very nice and accommodating! I got the 2 LD's and went back the next day and surprisingly fell for the Diorevers. I am not a big metallics girl, but these can be worn day (cross body with a mitzvah scarf, open tote) to evening (closed flap, remove long strap). LOVE them. And the price point is also so very reasonable. There was a bright neon red one (I am sure you saw it) that I adored but I had to pass.

    The LD"s in medium DID NOT LOOK BIG! The regular mediums are way too big on me. My SA did tell me awhile back that the mediums in the non-structured versions look smaller, and she was absolutely correct. Did you get to see the white one? It has the coolest pearlescent effect to it!! Can't wait to see the colors coming out in May!

    Since I am now a die hard for the studded calf versions, I thought I'd include the camera bags here. You are so right about giving Gucci a run for their money. The silhouette to me is like the small Marmont bag, I would choose this a million times over that :smile:
  12. I believe May??
  13. I have seen the bright fluorescent red Diorever and it is very nice. Only Dior makes such beautiful bright reds. Some brands tend to be colour-shy and only make neutral colours. Not Dior, though :smile:

    I've seen the grained calfskin LD in silver, black, and Rose Poudre. Haven't seen the white one yet but I can imagine. It does have a beautiful sheen to it, even the black one. The black one I was testing out was so soft and yet the bag somehow kept its shape without turning into a puddle of leather. Incredible. It did look smaller now that you mention it, because the sides don't go straight up like the structured version, but instead, curve up sensually. For people who never liked the LD because they thought it looked too boxy or too formal (and didn't like the tight zippered closure), these new grained calfskin LDs will definitely win them over.
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  14. Agreed. I could never really sink my heart into a LD, where I live, it's just too formal. The medium was too big (I didn't like the zipper closure either), the small was OKAY but too fragile in lamb, the mini is beautiful but can look like a little doll bag. These did the trick!!! Edgy, refined but cool, sturdy, dressed up or down, etc. Thank you Maria for these!!

    I walked away from there really thinking, you could go all Dior and never need another brand. The bags are SO different, each with a very different personality. I was even drawn to the Open Bar! What a fantastic under the radar bag that no one talks about.

    Thank you for responding! May should be a fun month huh?
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  15. Definitely. Maria Grazia Chiuri even got me spending on her accessories. Her new Dior is exciting!