Got a fake item...i need your help

  1. Hi, i received a fake item from this seller..what do i need to do? i gave comparison photo to tell the seller why the bag is fake so she cant reply to me by saying that the bag is real... one i need to pay for the shipping fee to send the item back? I really do not want to waste my money trying to send the fake bag back..:cursing:
  2. I'm in the same boat! Just purchased one of those 'I'm not a plastic bag' and of course, got 'I'm a fake bag' ones. The pics shown in auction are not the same as the bag I received ... I hate that!! That's why I rarely buy off of eBay but I thought I'd take a chance and of course, got burned as usual. Definitely not buying from eBay again unless the seller is a well known tPFer! I definitely feel for you, SuSu Kim! I hate going through the process of getting my money back, such a pain in the a$$!
  3. Hi, thanks for that link
    its really helpful~

    i just received an email from the seller, and he/she still states that it is authentic! and says will only refund the winning amount (excluding the shipping cost i paid and the $$ i have to pay to ship it back). Is the seller only responsible to pay for the winning amount?

  4. I just went through the same think with 3 different bags. You are entitled to the shipping cost as well! Put your foot down. I have now learned that they don't want to draw any attention to themselves, because they know darn well they are selling fakes. They will more than likely return shipping cost as well. :yes:
  5. i think i got a fake dooney barrel nile bag.. i won it paid for it then was like wait.. the pattern and tag looks different then the other colors.. i hate myself.. now i am waiting for an email from the seller
  6. item number 300139752934 for me. it hasnt been shipped yet. i hope the seller just refunds me. this stress is killing me. i will never buy online again.
  7. This is wha the seller sent me..

    *[SIZE=+0]** we have already told you that this bag is a seconds item, that went to the outlet stores, because of minor imperfections. We do not sell fakes, we sell second-hand items, and/or seconds items. [/SIZE]
    The pictures we took were not blurry and showed exactly what you were going to get, and exactly what you got. We posted a lot of pictures. The issues you point out about our item being fake are in the pictures we've shown already. If you had doubts, you would have had doubts just by looking at the pictures (before you started bidding). And our auction clearly states, If you have any questions or doubts ask BEFORE. If you are not confident, DON'T BID. If you don't agree to anything with our auction, DON'T BID. It is very much a hassle for sellers to sell items and then winning bidders change their minds and then demand a full refund.

    We always try to be professional in our dealings, however, we don't appreciate threats and unreasonable demands.


    I told the seller that regardless of your store policy, you have violated the eBay and the law for sending fake item and i have the right to ask for full refund. Since when was asking for full refund a threate and unreasonable demand?:cursing::cursing:. One question, if i file a claim with paypal , does the seller pay for the shipping cost too?

  8. are you sure its fake? have u had it checked out? i called dooney and asked and they confirmed for me
  9. Yes im pretty sure it is fake,, as i compared it to my diors i own.

    I posted this on dior thread, but i will post it here too:
    I say the bag is not authentic cause :
    the fake one i got ( the large picture) dont have the word 's' in italic whereas my authentic rasta messenger bag and softlady dior bag have italic for the letter s.
    Secondly, the dior monogram inside the bag seems little off to me. The wallet that shows the dior lining is from The dot for letter i is much bigger and thicker than the item i got. Also, the r has very roundness( it almost look like its r with o on top) and the distance between the letter r and the D is different to the item i won on ebay.
  10. the S in the second pic looks more bigger font then the rest of the lettering. As for the lining.. the spacing with the i and the . is different. the top dot has more space than the bottom dot
  11. I just recieved this from the seller

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]If you are such a CD expert you are very wrong about some things:

    Our refund policy is quite clear, we are actually offering you a better deal by not charging for the 20% restocking fee. You can go ahead and take our better offer, of refunding you for the winning bid amount or stick with our refund policy(which you already accepted the minute you made a bid on the item). If you are threatening of making a paypal claim, we would say go ahead, however we would like to guarantee you that once you do that, your chances of getting your money back would just go to 0%. You might want to check out before you do anything like that. As soon as you make a paypal claim, they would start what they call investigation and keep asking for more information to no end. They woould not give you your refund, they will just investigate and investigate and investigate until you feel you are being given the run-around. To us, it makes no difference because we always keep the account at $0 balance. And as soon as you do a claim, we would leave it in their hands, so if you don't get your money back because they have kept it, we won't be able to help you anymore.

    What is the seller on about?
    Is this true about the paypal????
  12. no they take it from their account. lol whats the sellers id have you checked for -feedback about fakes?

    with my issue ive called dooney but the serial is H4 and thats is what the collection starts with. i am thinking mine may be a special edition since it has a cut tag from the outlets.
  13. its true about claims. your chances of getting your money back is slim. especially if the differences are so small a normal person can not pick it out. i think you should take their offer of winning bid refund.

    as for me.. mine looks totally off lol.. but i dont know. i trust sellers still so i am leaning towards a special edition. because i doubt they have replica dooney croco nile barrels who would take the time to emboss and match the serials?
  14. How did you pay for the bag? I always use a credit card with Paypal. When I have a problem with a fake item, I immediately call my credit card company and open a dispute. They refer to it as a "chargeback" and since it is for the total of the charges, including the cost of insurance and postal fees, I only pay to get it back to the seller. If the seller gets nasty and refuses it, the cc company will automatically issue a chargeback. If it is received and the seller tries to issue a "partial" refund like less the 20% restocking fee, just call and explain to your credit card company that the item is fake and the 20% doesn't apply. They are your bet when navigating eBay. I also immediately open a dispute with Paypal, and follow up with a call directly to them to check status. Paypal is rather lame when it comes to investigating claims. I open a claim to increase my chances for my refund. Do not be intimidated by sellers. Without buyers, there would be no eBay. Good luck!