Got a fake item - help please!

  1. OMG! I can't beleive I've become a victim of a fraud on eBay after shopping there since 2005! I opened a second account in august to separate my seller and buyer accounts as I was advised not to spoil my seller's feedback.

    I've got 9 feedback in my second account, all positive of course. 2 weeks ago I did BIN - bought a DvF wrap dress from an American seller. I asked her specifically a question that would assure me that the dress is 100 % authentic. She asnwered that the inside small tag is there, yes, it's authentic. Imagine my horror when I received in on Saturday and there was no tag as promised, in fact the dress I received was different from that one on the photo, the paper tag wasn't attached and was loose, in fact it was a different paper tag. I was so upset. I e-mailed her saying that the dress is not authentic. She replied to me that she remembers that there was the side tag inside when she posted it to me and the dress is authentic, but if I'm not happy I could send it back. I looked on her feedback, she has a very good feedback but few negative and neutral all related to counterfeit items. I should have checked before BIN.

    So gutted and shocked, I really wanted this dress, it's £63 (about $126) with postage. My OH said, "oh well, after you had over 200 successful transactions you might as well write it off as bad experience, it happens on eBay from time to time. You need to make provision for that." But I really can't understand how dishonest, mean and nasty people there can be. Basically she defrauded me, she is a criminal.

    What to do now? Do I need at least 10 positive feedbacks to start PayPal chargeback? Also how can I prove that the dress I received is different from the one advertised in the auction? She now may accuse me of getting authentic dress and trying to defraud her! She may try it on because I don't have a high feedback score versus hers about 500.

    Help please! Any advice would be much appreciated. :crybaby:
  2. You dont need to do a chargeback- thats the last resort!

    If you paid by paypal open a dispute saying that you recieved a counterfeit item and go through that way for a refund for the dress and postage.

    If that does not work and you paid through Paypal using your credit card then you can file a chargeback with your credit card company!
  3. I once was in your shoes a very long time ago when Paypal sat on all its complaints forever. It was a bootleg DVD so I contacted the copyright owners directly, although they were a small company (not like MGM studios) they pressured Paypal to finish up my case so they can begin legal proceedings with the seller. I don't know if Paypal works faster these days, but it never hurts to be in touch with the copyright owners.
  4. Last August,I purchased a Fake LV Damier Wallet. I contacted the seller and ask her to issued a refund to me ,but she was so rude and told me thats since she had never stated that the wallet is authentic so it doen't need to be authentic:nogood:(in her listing she say that her wallet has been authenticated in LV boutique in Houston,TX). I didn't think that I can communicate with her anymore so I open an dispute with Paypal and immediately escalated to a claim.And this was the process of my claim:
    -Open the claim.
    -10 days later Paypal email me says that the seller disagreed with my claim so I have to get a letter from a 3rd party to prove that the wallet is fake(Paypal give me 10 days to do it) .
    -I contact 2 (3rd parties),I don't want to mention names in here. They told me if I need the letter within 10 days the fee is about $30.00,But if less than 6 days then it will be consider RUSH,then the fee will be about $60.00. They don't count weekends,so the 10 days Paypal give you will come down to 6 days,meaning you have to pay for the rush service:wtf:.
    -I get so up sad and decided to contact my credit card co. to start the charge back process. In the mean time I email Paypal and explain to them that I don't want to pay another $60.00 dollars in order to get &270.00 back(this is the amount I pay for the wallet),and I also told them that I will start the charge back process with my credit card company. I took the pictures of the wallet and Paypal told me to just sent the pictures to them. I wrote to Paypal,sent them pictures, and explain to them why the wallet is Not authentic.I also told Paypal instead of sending buyer around to get proof of fake merchandises,they should have a department of their own to examined the fake items.
    -4 weeks later Paypal email me and say the charge back result is in my favor,and ask me to sent the wallet back to the seller.
    -I try to print the shipping label via USPS but the seller address is invalid.
    -I call Paypal ,they told me the address I have is the only address they have.
    -Next morning I received a email from Paypal,Paypal told me to sent the wallet directly to them instead.
    The whole process took about 3 months,but finally I got my money back(including shipping) .Belived me, go through this wasn't a pleasant experience at all, and I hope this information is helpfull to some of you here. Good Luck.:sweatdrop:
  5. I once got a fake bag when I first started buying LV on eBay. I contacted the seller, who was upset and didn't believe me it was fake. I forwarded him the email I got from Carol ( and he agreed to refund my money. I guess I was lucky.
  6. I know this is an old thread, but i just wanna say thank you for the information that you have put down. Im now in the exact same situation. I bought a fake MIU MIU bag and was asked by Paypal to prove the authenticity. Im really upset and after reading your comment, i feel much better now and i do exactly with what you have done. Hopefully i can get my money back soon. Thanks again!
  7. I hope you get your money back. I'm in the process of taking pictures of a handbag I just received so I can see if it's authentic (I'm honestly not sure if it is or not). If it comes back as fake, I will have to go through this whole process. Good luck to you!
  8. I wonder if there is any authentication website that has the standard turnaround time of 5 working days?
  9. Thanks so much lpaigenyc. I also hope that i can get my money back soon so i can use it to buy an authentic MIU MIU bag. I sincerely hope that you received the authentic bag (finger crossed) as you really dont wanna go thru all the paypal claim process. It really wasnt a pleasant experience at all and very time consuming as well!! hope you can enjoy your new bag soon :smile:
  10. Try They even can provide same day service.
  11. I don't recommend mypoupette. There was a time they were reputable but in the last 3 years, they're reputation has gone down the toilet. They accept payment for services they don't perform and there have been many many chargebacks filed against them.

    Frankly, I don't know how or why they're still in business.
  12. Ow, glad you clear it up for me. Do you know any reputable website that i can use for authentication? Thanks in advance!
  13. is one I remember reading about, there is a thread somewhere on tpf that lists a number of websites that authenticate although I can't seem to find it now.
  14. Earlier this year I bought a fake Prada on eBay. I got a report from FakeSpotters, & eventually got a refund after filing an eBay/Paypal 'significantly not as described' dispute.

    My case was helped by the fact that the seller didn't dispute that the bag was fake (claiming instead that she, too, had been duped by the person who supplied the bag to her... hmmm)

    But the process can work. All the very best of luck with your claims!