Got a fake bag! Careful shopping on ebay.

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  1. My husband got me a "NEW authentic" Gucci bag from EBAY last year. Of course, the seller was a powerseller and has hundreds of positive feedbacks. I never had a Gucci before, so when i received the bag, it looks real to me.

    A couple months later, the zipper broke so i took it to Gucci customer service on fifth ave to get it repaired. The guy there checked the bag and told me no charge for the repair and i would get it back by mail.

    Three days later, did get it back in the mail, with a Gucci company letter, saying the bag does not meet GUCCI's company specifications. (I assume this is just a way to say that the bay is fake).

    Extremely upset and go check the buyer, not surprisingly, he is not registered anymore.

    The name of this EBAY seller is MODOCOUTURE. I remembered he was selling a lot of Gucci bag at the same time, claiming with purchase receipt. The retail price for the bag i purchased is $700 something and he sold it for $299.

    I attached a copy of the receipt the seller provided. Strongly suggest that if you want to buy from ebay, you should ask a copy of the receipt before you buy.

    P.S. still see some seller's name looks like modocouture, be extremely careful!!!!!

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  2. Because of the limit, i couldn't upload a better quality picture. And don't know other way to do it. But if want a better version of that receipt you could PM me.
  3. Sorry that happened to you. Yes they are making fake receipts and even the serial numbers inside of the bag. There is a thread here with very knowledgeable people that will authenticate the handbags before you buy on eBay. They look at fabric, hardware, serial numbers and heatstamp:
  4. argh i hate hearing stories like this - have you contacted the seller??
  5. lol...look at the

    I know for sure that...

    the person would have needed a truck to take all those home!!! never ever have 70 items of the same model in stock in the boutique! lol...

    Did you get your money refunded? card...etc...

  6. That receipt is issued by the biggest internet "wholesaler" website! When you see it on any ebay listing, RUN!
  7. Unfortunately, i didn't see this receipt untill i got the bag. That's why i suggest buyer request a copy of the receipt before buying it.

    And i did consult with some people here before i bought the bag. But no one knows about that seller at that time. :crybaby:
  8. Aww, sorry that happened to you. Don't feel too bad. These fakers are just getting so good at their game. Does make you wary about ebay. Thanks for sharing.
  9. It's stories like this that scare me away from buying purses off of Ebay... Sorry this happened to you.
  10. Ugh! That's terrible.
  11. Not just ebay. A lot of seller selling fake gucci stuffs under They said it is authentic but actually it is not.