Got a cubic zirconia ring, but paid for a white sapphire one!

  1. I've really not been having good luck with eBay lately...I'm completely ready to give up!

    Around 6 weeks ago I purchased what I thought to be a white sapphire ring from eBay for £315. The seller specialises in estate jewellery, and I had complete confidence the item was as described. It arrived in the mail several days later, and was even more gorgeous than in the photos. Fast forward to last week, and I took the ring into a very reputable jeweller to get a valuation. They called me today to tell me that the stones were actually cubic zirconia, and therefore not really worth carrying out a valuation on :wtf::wtf::wtf:

    I've immediately contacted the seller, but I've just had a thought...what if he thinks I've done a bait and switch? I have no way of proving that the stones weren't white sapphires when he posted the ring. I've also already left good feedback for the seller. Is there any hope I might get my money back? :crybaby:
  2. I guess it's the same as a handbag, they can't prove that wasn't switched either so I wouldn't worry about that too much.

    Just explain that when you left feedback you had no reason to doubt what you received but then took it for a valuation for insurance purposes and that is what you were told.

    Definitely significantly not as described, did you pay via paypal.
  3. I did pay via PayPal. I'm just so sad, because I genuinely love the ring. But there's absolutely no way I would have paid £315 for cubic zironias...maybe £30!!
  4. I wouldn't have paid that either :sad:

    If the seller isn't accomodating to a refund paypal should, it is not just a little error.
  5. Look, it was so pretty!!!! :crybaby:




  6. Damn, shame it wasn't what you expected.

    It looks very nice indeed.
  7. I would write to the seller and see what they respond.

    I am not an expert, but have bought Victorian jewelry and learned that white sapphires are not very expensive stones. Maybe the price of the ring was in the cost of the setting????
  8. could you get the jeweller who told you they were circonias to put it on writing? then you would have a document that proves your case...
    it is a beautiful ring,and i wonder if the seller knew they weren't white sapphires? (i always thought sapphires were in shades of blue!).
    good luck, i hope you can get your money back.
  9. Sapphires come in many colors. Pink, blue, yellow, white, green, orange. Although some colors are quite rare.
  10. Did they claim it was a "created" sapphire? Would that be the same as a zirconia?

    I know I have one ring that is a "created sapphire"
  11. My jeweler made a mistake with a ring of mine that had white sapphires in it. They called to tell me the stones were cz's. Makes sure you jeweler understands what a white sapphire is, many do not know that there are white sapphires.
  12. That's definitely a concern I had too. I think as soon as I get the ring back I'll take it for a second opinion somewhere. The jeweller I took it to first time around was particularly reputable though, so I would really hope they knew what they were talking about :confused1:

    I really don't believe the seller would have purposely duped me. They have a long line of good feedback, so I definitely want to be fully informed before trying to get my money back. Thanks for all the feedback everyone, it's always great to get support when these things happen :tup:
  13. No, created sapphires ane not cz's. They are lab grown stones and thats why they look so perfect and why they aren't as valuable as natural stones but they are real stones.
    Can you tell I worked in fine jewelry?? LOL
  14. I contacted the seller yesterday, and they have had auctions end since then so I'm assuming they've been online. How long is fair to wait before filing with PayPal do you think?
  15. If its been 6 weeks file with Paypal NOW. There's a 45 day deadline! Did you try to call the seller? If you file Paypal escalate the claim so they freeze the sellers account.