Got a color question about this auction Olive Green First

  1. It is '04 khaki.
  2. The OG Hobo is mine and the color is really darker. It is a very neutral and dark Green.
  3. I believe my green hobo is the 05 olive too - and let me tell you this color is so gorgeous. Like cooked spinach.

  4. Thanks girls, I thought that first up for auction looked more like the 04 Khaki swatch.
  5. I love my o4 khaki twiggy. The color is lovely:
  6. That bag is gorgeous!!!! I love the color! If only the khaki 04 up for auction was something bigger than a First! I'd never use it......i've gotta have a big bag.
  7. I don't have an olive, but here is my khaki next to another green (anis) for comparison.
  8. I'm so jealous!!!! You have an anis too! Another favorite.........I wanted to bid on the twiggy the other day but it looked kind of worn, especially by the handles. Those are gorgeous!
  9. Thanks! Your anis will pop up when you least expect it.