Got A Chloe Edith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Okay, I have been driving everyone insane here for the last three days or so with questions about the Chloe Edith medium in whiskey and the Jessica mystery bag. Well, it took a team of people (you guys and my New York counterpart...thanks to all of you!), days of searching, and about ten long distance calls, but I found a place who had ONE medium Edith left in the whiskey and it is MINE! It is scheduled for March/April delivery, but my SA said it could arrive sometime in February if I am very lucky. Done and paid for! I am so happy! Now no more bags for me. :nuts:

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  2. no more bags for you....sure! LOL

    btw..congrats on the edith!
  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! Isn't that the best feeling?
  4. Congrats - I love that bag. Please post pics when you get it.
  5. It really the end of a quest! Or conquest! And it is my first Chloe, too. I will definitely post pics when it arrives. :lol:
  6. EXCELLENT ... I ordered mine from Bergdorf Goodman (the LARGE Chamois color), but it's not expected until MAY ... UGGH :sad: !
  7. Yay! I really like the Edith. You must post photos when it comes in :biggrin:

  8. dream the impossible dream! Nice bag!
  9. CONGRATULATIONS! And yes, NO MORE BAGS for you. Were you able to find it at one of the CA stores? Just curious where you were able to track it down? So happyto hear it worked out--just no more for now :P :lol: :P
  10. Yes, keep telling me that! I was going to order one through Neiman Marcus in Scottsdale, AZ, but they could only take NM card or AmEx, and I just paid off and closed my AmEx account and did not really want to open ANOTHER credit card! So I kept checking, and I called the Chloe store in Costa Mesa...they gave me some smaller boutiques to try, and the first one I called had ONE left! Waiting lists are still open at Chloe Costa Mesa, NM Scottsdale, NM Coral Gables, but no guarantees, although the lady at Scottsdale was pretty certain she could get one through back stock (I was not so sure). Chloe NY has openings on the waiting list for the chocolate and chamois colors, but the whiskey list is closed. Nordstrom has not gotten any in yet, and I had my name on a list with them (I think I was the first one), so it may be possible to get one from them in the near future. :love:
  11. congrats on the bag - I think this is a true classic Chloe - you should get many years of use from the Edith.
  12. Congrats ETenebris!!! Enjoy it!!! That's a beautiful bag!
  13. Congrats! I'm very happy for you that you got the bag you wanted!!:biggrin:
  14. Beautiful!
  15. I think/hope so, too. Not quite as trendy as the Paddington, but still a beautiful (and different) bag. Thanks to all!