Got a cerises pochette off ebay!

  1. It was a great deal at $300 and it's authentic! :yes: The only thing is, it has a really weird smell like cigarette smoke disguised by nasty perfume! Ugh, the box, dustbag, pochette, everything smells like that and it is so strong. :throwup: I searched the threads for help and it is now sitting out in the sun stuffed with dryer sheets. I have wanted this bag forever and just thought I'd share my excitement!! Pics to come as soon as I get my digi cam back :yahoo:
  2. Congrats!!! That is a steal! I can't wait to see pics of it! It does suck about the cigarette smell. I do hope that it goes away.
  3. congrats!!!! can't wait to see ur pics :P
  4. There is another thread on here about bad smells in LV purses.
    If your thing doesn't work...try kitty litter, charcoal, or newspaper!

    BTW...congrats! That purse is the next one on my list to buy!
  5. Febreze and dryer sheets have worked for me :smile: Congrats and good luck! :flowers:
  6. Congrats!:yahoo: Hope that you can get rid of the smell,it's a great deal BTW:yes: :flowers:
  7. yay, congrats, the cerises are adorable! :heart:
  8. Sorry about the smell but congrats on getting a cerises pochette, I ordered mines from LV on friday and I can't wait until it arrives!