got a call for a blk baby cabas, should i get it?

  1. i've been buying so many lately, i don't think i can afford it, and plus, do i want another black bag?
  2. Can you have too many black bags? I'd go for it, definitely!
  3. i have gst, clasic flap in med and jumbo and cambon tote all in black. and on its way to me is the red jumbo caviar classic flap, on teh wait list for the med/large classic flap in red caviar, not sure if i still want or need the baby cabas
  4. Where did you find this bag? I have looking everywhere!
    I would jump on it if I were you--don't let it get away.
  5. well, part of the reason why i'm not jumping on it is becuase i'm on like 4 more waistlists and i know if i pass this one, i am sure that another one will come around.
  6. I would so get it.....but only if you can afford it. It is a gorgeous bag.
  7. you can never have too much black, and all of the bags you have can be used for different things, BUT if you don't have the $$ now, I'd wait.
  8. If you can't afford it and if you have to ask if you should, you probably already know that you shouldn't.

    You also mention you are on other waitlists so wait until you get called for one of those. You said you don't have the money right now and you shouldn't go in to debt no matter how beautiful the bag is.
  9. yep, you're right, i actually just got another call for this bag. but i'm giving away both contacts, i'm sure i will get a few more calls, as i've said i'm on amillion wait lists for this bag
  10. I agree, if you can't afford it then pass.

  11. i'd say sell ur black classic flap medium. u have the red one coming right? and BUY this baby :yes:
  12. agree! if it was meant to be you will receive another call from the other lists you were on.

    it is a great bag though! :graucho: