Got a Brynne in Oak today ?

  1. Hi All

    I received a new Brynne from eBay that I took a chance on (without checking here first :shame:smile:. It came with a copy of Neiman Marcus receipt and the pictures were of the actual bag. I like the design and size. My only concern is that the leather does not seem particularly special. The hardware is the same as my Jillian and Ginger and the lining seems the same. The leather on my Ginger is incredibly soft and the Jillian is just georgeous while the Brynne leather just seems rather ordinary. Does this sound right? I'll post pictures later if I can. TIA
  2. Here are my pics. Does it look good to the experts? I think it's growing on me. I just wish the leather were softer.



  3. Oh Gosh, I don't think I myself would call the leather on Brynne ordinary. I think it's beautiful and unique. It has a sort of distressed look to it. Maybe it's not as thick as your other bags you mentioned? I have a Ginger, Ada and this Brynne and the leather is much different. Soft and pliable and not as heavy to carry around. It reminds me of wood grain, beautiful!
  4. I don't think it's as thick but it's not supple like my black ginger. I do like the weight of it. Will be easy to carry. The pictures I've seen on websites do like like wood grain, although I don't see it so clearly in mine. And it's darker IRL than I expected.
  5. I should have mentioned too that I have the Auburn so it might be a little different than the Oak. Now, black...that is the one.........sigh.
  6. That's a beautiful bag!!!!!!!!!!! I love this bag in the Oak and Auburn. If you paid a good price - let the bag grow on you. If you paid a lot for this bag on eBay - maybe flip it if you're not crazy about it like the others!
  7. Its a very nice bag and I hope you keep it.
  8. I have always loved this bag! congrats!!
  9. :tup:Love the Brynne in Oak. Keep it!
  10. I think Halzer had one in Oak for a short time. Maybe she'll see this and chime in. I've never seen one in Oak myself. I do have a black Brynne and the leather is lovely and looks similar to the leather you have shown there.
  11. I think Halzer's Brynne was in camel and then vasoline'd into an oak-like color. I have it in auburn and just love the leather. No, it doesn't have the veining and thickness of my black Ginger, but the Brynne is gorgeous in its own right. I personally love it. I hope you grow to like yours too because the style is just wonderful.
  12. that is lovely, just beautiful. I hope you keep it.

    I'd love one in black... le sigh.

    just not feeling the new koobas...
  13. Yes this is beautiful! I have the Annie in Oak and I love it, the leather is so nice.