got a black mam today with silver hardware! (rant & lots of pics)

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  1. but the leather isnt pebbled or as soft as it looks like in the other pics of black mams. actually, one side is weird and all the other sides are more pebbled and softer lol on the detachable strap, one side is soft and pebbled and the other side isnt and feels more cheap. :/

    i used leather conditioner on it and broke it in with REALLy thick heavy books for an hour or too and it's helping a teenie bit, on one side it has that sheen that cheap bags have. oh well, i hope it'll get better with time lol i think i actually put too many books in it cuz the thread is coming undone on one of the longer strap loops.

    there's no way i'll return or change the bag though cuz this was already an exchange for a mj bag i ended up hating and i actually do like this bag except for that one side.

    oh well, my other black bags have gold hardware and i like the style of the mam & the shiny silver hardware... now it matches with my new silver d&g watch lol.

    sorry for the huge blurry pics, i took them with my moto droid.

    one side of the bag with weird unpebbled, stiff, plasticy cheap feeling leather:




    yummy soft pebbled leather sides:


    [​IMG] (both dogleash sides are smooshy and soft.)

    lol the bracelet watch:



  2. I think the bag is beautiful and the leather looks amazing? Which black is this, is it lambskin? Regardless, it will surely soften with use! Congrats and enjoy!!
  3. ^ Nah, I don't think it's the distressed lambskin. Just plain ol' cow.

    The bag is beautiful and the pebbly-ness is amazing! Some of RM's bags do have mismatching panels, but the majority of the time, that adds to the beauty.
  4. Gorgeous :smile: I love black bags! I'll be honest though, I thought your title said "got a black man today with silver hardware!" LOL i was like.. Oh... Random RM forum post hahaha.

  6. thx :]
  7. ^:lolots:
    As for the bag, I think it is beautiful, really. The side you show looks kinda distressed maybe? I think in time it will break in beautifully!
  8. Great bag it will loosen up and get smooshy. No worries.
  9. I have a Distressed Black Nikki and it does have a bit of sheen. Give it a little time to break in, and I promise you'll love it even more.
  10. I don't see anything issues with your gorgeous MAM. Remember leather is skin and will have natural variations and break in nicely. It's lovely -- enjoy!
  11. thx, maybe im just so used to the amazing leather on my black pyramid stud nikki. :cloud9:
  12. this happens to me all the time, read the title to quickly but love what you read

    with that said each leather is different and will take time to break in, give it some time & you will love you new bag
  13. :smile:
  14. I love this bag!
    It will break in and be smooshy and perfect!
    But, pleeeease stop with the heavy books! If a thread is already coming undone, you are probably "working" it & weighing it down too much~
  15. thx lol dont worry, i only did it once because i read some girl in a different thread told another girl to do that to her mam. when i saw the thread, i started babying the mam more.