GOT A BLACK LEATHER SABRINA!!! and a question...

May 27, 2008
I was in Vancouver yesterday and me and my cousin were out shopping and we stopped by Coach. I didn't plan on getting anything but my cousin had seen the new Lurex Tote in black and really wanted to get it (I've converted her to a Coach lover as well!) So she got it and she told me that she planned on getting one for me as well for my wedding present! She said but since I was there I should pick whichever bag I wanted so I ended up getting the small black sabrina and I absolutely :heart:love love love love love love:heart: it! The opening is a big small and that's why I didn't like it to begin with but then when I walked around the store with it I absolutely fell in love :smile: She's the best cousin/friend ever! I'll post pics of it tonight! I was so excited that I started using it right away! I also got myself a graphic op art wristlet :smile:

My question is about the leather. My SA told me that I shouldn't use anything on it and she said that it's a coated leather and that it will be fine to use as is, even in the rain! Is this true? Because where I live it rains a lot in the fall/winter and I want this to be my go to bag this season. TIA!