Got a black epi lockit - now I need advice on tomorrow's purchase!

  1. I just got a black epi lockit :love: last week and tomorrow we're going to visit one of the other LV's in town (we're on vacation) and I am going to get either another black epi bag or one in damier (I only like dark neutral bags without vachetta like mini lin ebene, damier ebene or black epi :heart: ).

    I was thinking of either the damier alma or the epi speedy 30. Does anyone think either of these are too similar to my epi lockit? Any pros or cons for these bags? Any other suggestions for other bags? Only prerequisite is that it has to be large enough to use as an everyday bag.

    Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated!

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. The Damier Alma is a wonderful bag - i love it so much! It's easy to open (the Speedy isn't easy to go in and out, that's why I don't like the Speedy 25 or 30). And you can wear an Alma for an every day bag with Jeans, but also with elegant clothes for the evening. You can buy a shoulder strap for it, if you like it to wear as a shoulder bag. Go for it - it's beautiful and very good to wear.
  3. I have the Damier Alma and love it. I like that when you open it you can see everything and it has a great cell pocket. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  4. You got a great bag... may I ask some questions about lockit?
    I am going to buy a locit but I cant decide the color. red or black. is it easy to use and good with casual clothes. I am not working and normally I wear jeans with everykind tops. can you send some modeling pics pleaseeeeeeeeeee... I would like to see some with different outfits. thanx..

    and personnaly 1 get epi speedy black or damier duomo...
  5. lvmhgirl - i think you have a point that the lockit looks similar to the alma..but if i have to pick one between the alma and speedy - i would get the alma as it has a more classic and elegant look to it than the speedy
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  6. definitely the alma ... very classy looking and sophisticated especially in black epi!
  7. I would get something in damier - the Alma, Speedy, Trevi's, or duomo are my favorites. I do like the mini lin speedy and there's no vachetta to worry about. Good luck, have fun and congrats on the lockit.
  8. What about damier?
  9. Either bag is gorgeous!!!!!
  10. Thanks everyone for your input! Great points - I especially like that the alma has a wide opening for easy access and that the epi speedy may be stiffer and slightly difficult to get into. I have a mini lin ebene speedy and since it is soft and slouchy, access isn't an issue.

    I think I am going to go with the damier alma as long as I can fit my everyday haul into it!

    Thanks for all your help everyone!

    P.S. Aze - I don't have modeling pics but here is a photo of my epi lockit.
  11. Damier Alma!
  12. I agree the Alma would be a nice versatile bag for you. Plus since you have Epi and Mini Lin, you can now diversify your collection even more with Damier!
  13. Beautiful bag, congrats, and I also agree with those who said the Alma!
  14. Damier Alma. Since it's a different pattern, it'll have a totally different look.
  15. damier alma or duomo!