Got a black baby cabas - do you still love yours?

  1. Before I take off those tags, baby cabas owners - do you still love it? still use it alot? And no, I'm not posting pics because, frankly, it looks like every other black baby cabas!
  2. I JUST bought one in white a few weeks back and I am seriusly in love with it. Is it so last year or something??? Im a new lover of all things Chanel lately and still learning....
  3. :graucho: If you change your mind let me know...
  4. I still love and use mine! I think it is a great casual everyday bag.:yes:
  5. i sure hope not bc i just got my black one too!:lol:
    i think they are still very popular, still being released with some talk of new colors/ styles for fall, so no worries, i don't think...i find mine incredibly comfortable and a great everyday casual bag....:wlae:
  6. I love mine. I don't think it's outdated. Still very much a hot bag!
  7. I'm still hoping to get one! For me, a slouchy bag like that will never go out of style. :yes:
  8. i am using my khaki baby cabas almost every day.. its great day time bag and i think its still hottt....
  9. I still love mine! It's such a great bag and I carried it almost everyday for the last 4 months.
  10. Yes! I still love mine! I use both my khaki and black one regularly!!
  11. it shall always always be in style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its so chic...for fall i hope they come out with a Hunters Green one (that great shade of green seen in paintings depicting English countrysides and horses being ridden by people wearing equestrian outfits) classic and gorgeous, and also in pumpkin colored
  12. I still love mine (in white) but rarely used it.
  13. i still want one;p
  14. congrats!
  15. i just received mine today and absolutely loving it :yes:
    i can see myself using it for a long time.