Got a Berkeley...

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  1. I must be out of my mind.
    I am part of the frenzy that LV has created. I had it in my mind that I really wanted a mini lin for summer so I checked out and found a style I thought I would like -- Saumur in white (or light --not sure what it's actually called.) Anyway I called NM at Tysons to see what they had. They had a black mini lin Saumur. I also asked about an Azur Berkeley. He had some. Also, I wanted to get DH a new wallet for his birthday, which is soon. I asked about the price increase and the SA told me that prices were, in fact, going up 11% on Wednesday. He agreed to hold these items for me and we drove down to Tysons.
    Well, you would have thought they were giving something away. It was so nutso in that LV boutique because of the impending price increase. I have never been in such a crowd. There was a lady with the Richard Prince Watercolor Speedy photo from a magazine. She said she would sell her children for that bag! I guess they are not easy to find. She said they couldn't even find it in Paris -- that her DH asked people who were on the street carrying it if he could buy it from them! Too funny.
    ANYWAY -- I looked at the Saumur in black. I didn't like it. It was so much smaller than I thought and, although it was a comfortable shoulder bag, it just looked a little fragile. I got the Azur Berkeley. I don't know how I'm going to wait until the spring to use it. Got DH his book-fold Taiga wallet and a key-ring. This is probably the fastest Tysons run we have ever done! We live an hour north.
    I decided that I was clothes-rich and I wasn't going to buy any new clothes for spring or summer. My closets are full. I already ordered my shoes at the Stuart Weitzman trunk, so I am set for shoes for the summer. Since April I have added four new LVs to my collection and started DH with a tie and briefcase. I'm not even going to talk about the Chanels!
    We decided that the way LV does a "sale" is by the frequent price increases. We get word that our handbags are going to get more expensive and have to run out and get before the prices go up. This way we can pretend that we got a real deal because we saved 11%.
    So there's my justification. It's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  2. love your story Judy and stick to it lol
    This forum has been bad for my cc, since I found it......I have purchased 3 new bags..Tivoli GM, Berkly ebene and a Trevi, not counting a pochette cles in pomme and 2 luggage tags. Yikes!!!!!
  3. I thought about driving to Tysons tomorrow but changed my mind after this post. I'd rather just order through eLuxury. :smile:
  4. Congrats on your new purchase! i just ordered a Berkeley - Ebony from Elux today---before the price hike!
    Enjoy your new bag and carry with much pride!:tup:
  5. Glad you were able to purchase what you wanted.

    ARG, price increases are such crap. I'm so fed up with them.
  6. Oh, don't be afraid! It was Sunday, after all, and probably more crowded than normal. On Monday, it shouldn't be so bad. If you live close by it might be worth a drive and you won't have to pay elux the shipping.

    Opps DH just reminded me that tomorrow is the MLK holiday, so it coule be busy.
  7. Congrats!! Enjoy your Berkeley... :smile:
  8. Congrats on your Berkeley! Yes this forum gets pretty addictive but you also get to know a lot of good insider info so you can WL early and get the things you really love!
  9. I so agree, I wasn't really in the market for a new LV, but freaked out seeing the new price tag on the Hampstead MM, so I bought it!
  10. The watercolor speedy is already out in Paris??? I had no idea! I am W/L for this bag, think it will be a stunner.
  11. From your avatar, I see great minds think alike! I have a bordeaux GST and a Hampstead MM!
  12. The date code was hard to decipher so I sent a photo to the date code section. Here are two photos of my new Berkeley. I haven't even removed the protective blue covering on the zipper pulls. I wish they would have made this a frame style (like a real doctors bag) rather than with zippers.
    berk 013.jpg berk 014.jpg
  13. Congrats!!! Beautiful bag!
  14. love your bag, I was going to get it but the vachetta scares me, I still want it though, are you telling me that the berkley is going up in price as well? It just came out, cant be!!!
  15. Congrats on the new items. We are all doing the same. Get it before it goes up to "save". 1 more day left to the increase.