Got a beautiful surprise in the mail today

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  1. I came home to this, so happy, it's a beautiful book/catalogue. My crappy evening just got so much better!
  2. Some more
    image-4172007303.jpg image-151727901.jpg
  3. Oh love the bucket!

    Thanks for sharing~ :smile:
  4. LoVely!
    I want one! :biggrin:
  5. Is it a new one. Years I go I used to purchase one each year but then I think they stopped doing them I am on about a catalogue not sure if that is xx
  6. OH nice :smile:
  7. love the book, congrats
  8. Speedy fever! :smile:
  9. Congrats...its a nice coffee table book :smile:

    Got mine yesterday...or more like my 7yo daughter grabbed the mail and saw Louie Vuitton somewhere in the envelope. She came rushing inside, "Mommy mommy you got a surprise from loowee vooton". She was so excited, her dad was looking at me increduously as if sayin, "what have you done to her?". Heehee.
  10. is the book for sale or do you just get one as a great customer ;) ? Love all those speedy pics
  11. I don't know if it's for sale, I got it as a gift in the mail
  12. It's beautiful! :smile:
  13. It isnt for sale. From what I understand, a few people have been getting them in the mail----based on purchases I think.
  14. Lovely book!
  15. Wow, sounds like a lovely book. How many pages does it have? Thanks! Have a HAPPY day :smile: