Got a beautiful marco buggiani on sale...but is this a 'good' bag?

  1. I bought a Marco Buggiani bag on sale. Before I decide if I'm going to keep it or put it up for sale, could anyone tell me if it's a 'nice' that people like?
    I've not heard of it...but that isn't saying too much, really.
    It's a beautiful eggplant color and reminds me just a bit of some Balenciaga's I've seen in the pics here (not seen in person...hope that isn't a huge put down to Balenciaga owners...(flashes peace sign). :smile: The leather is amazingly soft and supple and the color is gorgeous...
    Thoughts anyone...I can post pics...
  2. I've never heard of that brand either. Post pics if you can.
  3. Here are two.
    I'm not completely crazy about the calf hair, but it's not too obvious in person. The pics don't do the eggplant color or the leather justice.
    marco bag front.jpg marco bag back.jpg
  4. i did a quick search on them. bags are nice, although not my style. i did a search on it on TPF as well but no threads or posts on it. so i'm thinking it's not so popular. leather and color looks nice though.
  5. I just did the same thing...I'm agreeing w/you.
  6. Never heard of it, and not my style.
  7. I haven't heard of it, but the leather looks nice. It seems like a good work bag.
  8. I've never heard of it, but if you like the bag keep it, don't mind if it's known or not.
  9. I do feel that way... but I like to find 'steals' then resell them. But, I've realized that no matter how lovely a bag is, if it's not a coveted brand, often times it doesn't sell. So...i knew all you you wise one's would have some insight...and then I could decide if it was worth the effort of putting it up for auction or not.
    THanks for all your thoughts!
  10. I also had just bought a Marco Buggiani bag on sale and so far I really like it. Not too fond of the color (Plum) but the leather is pretty nice and soft.
  11. My mom bought a Buggiani backpack type bag (Nordstrom?). She likes it. The styles are classic for the most part. While not a "known" bag, they are nice bags. If you like it , KEEP it.
    Take care- Trish
  12. [​IMG]

    hmmm i don't know... i don't like it but i don't hate it either.
    i think it's just an ok bag to me
  13. I just got one on clearance at TJMaxx. It's a fabulous bag, soft smooshy leather, lots of outside pockets and details, lined nicely and organized inside. It has rocker vibe to it.
  14. I just purchased a marco buggiani bag also. I really like the bag however I have never heard of the name either. I did find this website that gave a little info into the complany. They started in 1980 in italy and export 85% of their products.
  15. I just purchased a marco buggiani bag also (today). It is soft grey green and I really like the looks of it. I got it at TJ Maxx -- I'm worried that I overpaid for it. It was $165 which is a huge splurge for me. I thought I'd keep it for a few days while I make up my mind.