Got a BBag as gift--name the color??

  1. I received this as a gift and am not sure what color it is. Looks like the Fendi Spy Cognac--the color.
  2. I think Sienna...?
  3. Sienna maybe? :shrugs:
  4. Did it come with a tag? That should have the year on it which will help narrow the possibilities.
  5. or, if you can tell us the letter on the metal tag inside - that could narrow it down too! :yes:
  6. Looks very much like 07 sienne/tabac, congrats a great gift!
  7. yea, looks like sienna to me. congrats!
  8. Beautiful bag. My husband bought me one very similar for my birthday last month. Mine is supposed to be Cognac, and is probably slightly lighter than yours. I'd say yours is Tabac. Mine is also a first Bbag. I actually received a Marni Balloon bag for my birthday as well, but am already addicted to my new Motorcycle. It's a wonderful bag. I didn't realize how well it had been designed till I started to wear it. It has been pouring rain here in Ireland, so it has been well protected by leather conditioning. Enjoy your lovely bag!
  9. shasta, lbf, el, nicole, catcat, glossie, & heather--thank you for the tips! I think I'm going to return the bag and use the credit for a different color/style--it's a beautiful bag, but it's just not a color that goes well with my wardrobe. I will be returning it to the NM at Oakbrook Illinois(next week) in case anyone might be interested--NM does send charge from any location.

    The bag's pretty veiny and the leather's smooth but dry(hope this makes sense), the tassels have split(which was a surprise to me for a new bag!) but they actually give the bag a (even more surprising) vintage look to it!

    Hope this baby goes to someone who'll give it the love it deserves:smile:
  10. I would guess Sienna~ Beautiful versatile color!! enjoy~~~
  11. Sorry to hear you're not wild about the colour, chriseve. But I know what you mean. For a short while I felt the same about MY birthday bag, and wished I had been given a Grenat one. But it only took me a few days to realize that Cognac is a wonderfully versatle colour and the leather is gorgeous. The moral of this is - get another Bbag next year!
  12. not sure what the name is, but its really cute.