Got a baby shower invite but addressee was not me...but I RSVP'd anyway...

  1. This is too funny and random...just had to share!

    I've lived where I live for years and every once in awhile I still get misdirected snail mail where it's sent to my address but has the wrong name. So I make a 2nd trip back to our mailbox crossing it out and putting 'not at this address...' blah blah blah.

    Well today I got my mail and just opened it all quickly without even looking. Turns out I got a baby shower invite to celebrate the upcoming birth of "Mark's twins"...but I don't know any Marks expecting twins, LOL.

    I look at the envelope and it's addressed to "Guy and [very similar first and last name to pursegrrl]." Wrong names but street address was mine! Too funny!

    So....I decided to just call the rsvp number and let them know this invitation got misdirected. The woman who answered the phone ended up being the mother of the hostess and just talked my ear off, first of all acknowledging her mistake and then wanting to know about me, am I single, why don't you just come to the shower anyway, do you have kids...then she tells me how she just quit smoking recently and oh by the way the dad to be is her son, etc. It wasn't was just HILARIOUS how she just considered me a best bud. Of course I didn't disclose any info and politely said "well, I've got to be going now but nice talking to you." And I pre-blocked my number before calling too.

    Obviously I'm not going to that baby shower but the whole thing cracked me up!! :lol: Anyone else get a random chatterbox when you called? :upsidedown:

  2. :roflmfao: Thats hilarious! At least she was nice, right?? lol
  3. Bring this to the mom, hehe!

  4. Poor thing is probalby lonely.
    We have an unlisted number & DH has a name that there are probably 3 or 4 in every town. DH's brother was too lazy to find our number so he called one in the phone book. And talked to the guy for 45 minutes! This poor guy has gotten several calls now for DH & gave the last couple of guys looking for DH our office number! DH told me to send him some Ethel M chocolates for Christmas.
  5. That is so funny and random. But PG you are so nice I am sure she felt comfortable talking with you, can't blame her there! :heart:
  6. That's funny!!! Nice of you to RSVP and let them know that the invitation was misdirected. It would be funny if you showed up since you are now best buddy's with the mom!!!
  7. lol thats funny =]
  8. Some guy called my house once looking for his sister. Well she moved but I got her old number when I moved here. Anyhow, we ended up chatting for hours. He's a great guy and we talked several times after that first conversation. We had a lot in common: both francophone, similar background.... Problem is, I eventually got a flirtatious vibe from him so I stopped taking his calls. Nice guy though.
  9. Too funny! She must have been lonely...I bet you brightened her day!
  10. :push::shocked::amuse:
  11. Aaah, I bet you made her day. She sounds lonely.:flowers:
  12. Bahaha, nice of you to phone and let them know.
    She sounds like a sweet lady!
  13. That is reminds me of the time that DH and I both got a lovely thank you note for a lovely wedding gift we had sent. The happy couple even sent along a lovely photo of themselves.......except we didn't KNOW these people!! To this day we have no idea why we got that thank you still makes us laugh!
  14. she sounds like a nice old lady, probably lonely too. It was nice of you to call and say they had the wrong address, im sure they appreciated it.