Got a B Besace

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  1. I bought a Black B Besace off Bluefly and received it today. When i tried it on it was huge (im only 5'2) anyways Df saw the bag and he took it.... Df doesnt like my B bag collection hes more into LV but now he has a B bag ...

  2. I'd love to see modeling pics so we can see how big it is on you since you're small.

  3. Ill take pics tomorrow since im in my Pj's so ill be sure to have a decent pic:graucho:
  4. Please take a photo. I saw a photo in the other thread where a fellow TPFer modeled a blue besace and she is around 5"4. I am seriously considering of getting one in naturel. I am 5"7. I think choosing a lighter colored besace will be better because it is more feminine and would not look as heavy as a dark colored one.
  5. anu, I'm 5'4" and I have a Cafe Besace which I use A LOT! Yes, it's a tad big, but not too overpowering for my height.

    Check it out...


    I've since adjusted the shoulder strap so that the bag isn't quite down to my knees... :smile:
  6. monsoon - your bag looks so great on you!

    anna - i think it's so cute that your BF "took" your b-bag! i wish i could get my DH to use a courier or the besace for work - then he could understand my obsession!
  7. Sorry for the delay on posting pics Here is a pic of the bag on me.

    i think it looks great and you can wear it courier style too, across the body. i think you and your DH are going to be fighting over this bag, really. simply gorgeous :tup:
  9. Love the bag!

    Though, to be honest, she does look a tad big on you..but it also does depend on the functionality of the bag. My courier LOOKS wayyy big on me, but I love her all the same. She fits everything I need and looks way gorgeous!

    Maybe you should post a pic of you DH wearing her (or him)...It's always women carrying men's things around in their bags, why can't it be the other way round? ;)
  10. I love it! In your picture, are you wearing it on the shortest setting? I've been thinking about this one, but I like messengers that ride high on my waist or hip and i'm ony 5'4"
  11. I think the Besace looks great on you !!! Not too big IMO !!!
    But if you want a smaller besace, maybe the new Flat messenger could be an option for you...
  12. anna, the Besace IS big, but I think that it suits you just fine. It looks great on you!
  13. your right its big -- but it looks hot on you :smile:
  14. Yes the strap is on the shortest setting.

    im wearing it as a messenger style. and i put the bag against my chest and its as big as my whole body hehe
  15. Congrats!!!!