Got a 40% off letter today - sad :(

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  1. I have a very rare special edition bag that has rhinestones on the tag and buckle. Well, after using it sparingly, I noticed that there was one tiny missing stone. One. I hemmed and hawed, but I decided that it was going to drive me nuts. I took it in for repair and paid that $20 fee and had it shipped off.

    I swear, they didn't even look at the bag and chose instead to send the bag bag with the 40% off letter. I guess I should be happy, but I am totally irked that they chose not to add ONE stone to the bag.

    I am nervous about taking it into a leather repair shop, because I would be so sad if anything ever happened to it, but I am so bummed.
  2. I'm sorry they couldn't fix your purse. Maybe you can find someone else that can fix it and maybe you will find another bag you love just as much. Good Luck.
  3. Sorry about your bag. They probably do not keep extra rhinestones for replacements so the 40% letter was the only option. Maybe check craft stores to see if you can find a matching stone and see if a repair shop will know the best way to apply it.
  4. Every so often that bag does happen upon the bay and they are typically priced well below retail.
  5. I agree with ozmodiar about checking out craft stores for replacement stones. That's exactly what I would do, because like you, it would drive me crazy too! Sorry they couldn't fix it though. Hope you can fix it! :smile:
  6. Yes, check craft stores or online for a matching stone.

    And on the plus side, you got a 40% off letter!

    Can you post a pic of your bag?
  7. Sorry you got bad news..I hope you can find a bag to cheer you up!;)
  8. I would be seriously irked at their "solution". I don't think making you buy something else makes up for their lack of help. They make money on your misfortune. I dunno, I don't think that is right or acceptable. That is what scares me about my bag. I would hate if a sequin fell off and it was deemed unrepairable. I would rather have it fixed than trying to get something else that I love just as much (which would not be an easy task)
  9. If they don't have spare rhinestones, then they don't have spare rhinestones. I am not sure why anyone would be that upset at this as a solution.

    I would definitly look in a craft store or at a place that sells cheap costume jewelry. I would think you could find something similar enough to fix it yourself.
  10. I would try to get it repaired. I had a similar situation with a Marni bag wherein 2" worth of tiny chainlink broke off. I found replacement links at a bead shop and fixed the bag myself. The links were woven through some ribbon so the slight difference between the original links and the replacement wasn't noticeable unless you really scrutinized but I'm such a freak that I wasn't sure if I'd still be okay with it. Lo and behold, though, it doesn't bother me a lick and I'm proud of myself for being resourceful.

    Look up reviews on local shoe and bag repair shops and take it in - it can't hurt to get an idea of your options.