Got 3 tokis at manulife yeh!!! Stock update

  1. Hey ladie's. The minute I read Carly's thread, I ran out to Manulife Centre (Toronto). Got 3 of my tokis that I always wanted:
    trenino in nero:yahoo:
    scuola in paradiso:yahoo:
    nuvola in pirata:yahoo:

    You are right Catarina is really nice (saw her sell Transporto Zucca right under my nose). She is going to call me the minute the vacanze print arrives.

    For those who is still searching, they still have:

    pirata- bella

    white - BV, MM

    paradiso - zucca, stellina, bv, mm, bella, luna, scuola, bambino

    inferno - bella, luna, scuola, trenino, bella

    fumo and nero - ciao, ciao ciao, zucca, mm, bv, scuola, bella, luna

    Thanks again.
  2. what's nero?
  3. maybe she means notte?
  4. maybe notte?
  5. wow you two posted the same thing haha.

    and ic ic. i was confused there for a sec xD
  6. sorry ladies,

    i mean black and grey
  7. congrats on your bags too!

    haha carly made catarina's store famous here on tpf
  8. She is worth it. One of the best sales girl I've ever dealt with. I was going to meet a friend after and she even offered to deliver my new toki bags after she closes the sotre. For free!!! Will buy all my Lesportsac bags from her from now on!!!:tup::tup::tup:
  9. Congrats on your new toki's!! I'm kinda glad there isn't a store here or else I'd walk in and buy all the time!! Post some pictures when you get a chance!
  10. Thank you. I want to see everyone's tokis when you receive them too!!!:yes:
  11. oo paradiso zucca :biggrin: one of my faves.

    you said bella twice on inferno.. is it so important you mentioned it twice? :p
  12. Sorry, I was too excited with my purchases today and rushed to go on tPF :supacool:heh heh ...
  13. Uhuk ... no L'AMore Mamma Mia/Corriere??? Anyway, congrats on your new bags!
  14. is hawaii sold out (of mamma mia)? i assume that's where *************** is getting them from :p

    hahahah they bleeped out this eBay seller's name!! (i didn't actually type out all the stars)
  15. ^__^ Catarina is so nice, i had to call her like 4x because there was a confusion with my bag and also my bank lol. Definitely very understanding, helpful, and patient :smile: