Got 25% off today!! And saw new stuff!

  1. I bought my DD's shoes today.... and my SA gave me 25% off!! WOOHOO!

    She also showed me the book for the new floorset for after Christmas. There's some GORGEOUS stuff in there ladies!!

    Here's some of the little stuff from the drilldown that I can remember seeing.
    92240_d1.jpg 92242_d1.jpg 92243_d1.jpg 92244_d1.jpg 92250_d1.jpg
  2. And two more
    92252_d1.jpg 92258_d1.jpg
  3. Which boutique were you at!? I thought about heading to the Galleria or NorthPark later today!

  4. love love LOVE the last one! looks like the earrings!!! :drool: :love:
  5. I was actually at Northeast Mall!!!
  6. Northeast???

    Where the h:censor:l is that?

    Also, I finally got into the Parks Mall last week. I am glad there is one closer to my casa, BUT the SAs aren't really in the know about everything yet!
  7. I ordered and received that butterfly keychain - it is adorable. I plan to wear it when I put my new snowflake fob away till next winter!

    Oooh and I just realized it'll match w/my new Hamptons carryall!! Yay!
  8. I love the heart keyfobs!
  9. What was the name of your SA (pm me if you want) - would she hook a fellow tPF-er up? I know where Northeast mall is :yes:
  10. I want that little heart with the ladybug...I already know which picture of my son would go in it....
  11. Congrats! And all the keychains are soo cute, I want them ALL!
  12. I know, I need to look at some more brass key fobs and charms. Does anyone know how to get on the drilldown where you can browse like someone else posted, thanks !
  13. I love that new daisyyyy!!!

    It looks like the spring is going to be have a lot of red pinks and lilacs right?:tup:
  14. I also love the heart ladybug key chain. It is so cute.

  15. HAHA Up North Richland Hill's way!!! The SA's there rock out.