Got 1/2 of my refund from Paypal, but I still have the fake...

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  1. Long story short. I paid about $400 for a used, fake Gucci, received it & realized the bag was a well-fabricated fake (and used, at that). E-mailed the seller, no response to e-mail, allowed a week to pass by until I finally filed a claim with PayPal & then escalated it to a dispute.

    While the PayPal dispute was awaiting a response from the seller, the seller finally contacted me via my personal e-mail stating that she was told it was authentic & that nowhere in her ebay listing did she guarantee authenticity or a refund. (Although in her listing title AND description the words brand new, authentic & Gucci were used to describe the item). I also did a little research on her feedback & saw that she most likely purchased this item from someone else & that person stated the the bag was "pre-owned", the seller's response to this inquiry was that that other e-bay feedback was a personal purchase for herself & that the one she sold to me was a brand new purse (that just happened to be the same style) given as a gift, so she just opted to sell it. :lol: (like I'm really going to believe that)

    Anyways, I decided not to respond to the e-mail she had sent me personally & wait for the response deadline to come up via PayPal. The deadline came & went, seller never responded, PayPal only refunded me 1/2 the amount.

    So here I am, out 1/2 of what I paid for, BUT I still have the fake. (I wasn't about to return the bag until following all of PayPal's instructions & making sure that my claim was decided in my favor). I don't even think the seller knows they lost the claim nor cares, I guess. The weird thing is that she has 100% feedback & seemed like a decent ebayer (up until her clear "it's your problem it's a fake, not mine" disposition when I sent her my initial e-mail to attempt to resolve this issue).

    So what do I do with the bag? :shrugs: (Paypal has closed my claim & has stated that any remainder amount owed to me by the seller will be a pending situation that PayPal will try to resolve on my behalf.)
  2. Oh, I remember when you posted in Authenticate this Gucci about this. Sorry, to hear you've only received 1/2 your money back so far. It sounds like the seller had already removed all the money from the account.

    I would just hang on to the bag for now. Hopefully, you will get the rest back.
  3. Ask your seller to send you the rest otherwise, report her to Gucci, eBay and leave negative feedback. She cheated you! No way for cheat seller :yucky:

    An eBayer with over 500 positive feedbacks scammed me. Sent me $908 LV bag which is totall different from the one in her auction. I said will report her to LV and local bureau, she immediately refunded me.
  4. I've posted the negative feedback after processing my PayPal refund.

    So I should try contacting her via e-bay & make it clear to her that it's a federal crime to sell a fake, it's the seller's responsibility to authenticate an item & that I'm requesting the remainder of my refund owed to me, otherwise I will report her to any & all authorities that govern counterfeit sells.
  5. Seller probably only had 200 in buyer protection from Paypal. You should take that amount into consideration when bidding on an item on eBay. A seller can have 100% positive but only 12 feedbac, they would only have $200 buyer protection on an item. If you paid via Credit card you can try a chargeback.
  6. No, the seller has over 100+ feedback, 100% positive, has sold at least over 5 items, but the majority of her feedback is as a buyer & not a seller.

    On the listing it stated possible $2000 buyer protection from ebay (if the listing met all criteria), so I don't know why I only got the $200 back, as opposed to the full coverage. :hrmm:
  7. Yes, tell it to her and contact her via eBay message system. Hope you'll get back full of $400 :smile:
  8. Well, first of all you should get the full amount refunded to you from Paypal. Remember that buying selling and dealing in counterfeit bags is ILLEGAL and if Paypal only refunds half the money then it's like they're saying the bag you bought is still valid and worth something. Illegal items aren't worth ANYTHING - in many cases they can be confiscated by the police etc. After that, I would maybe offer it to a gucci lover on tpf (if that's allowed?) for the price of the shipping and just for educational purposes ie if someone wants to write an authentication guide or something.
  9. I would contact your credit card company now and get heavy with Paypal. Let them know you will expect a full refund as is stated on the buyer protection. You met all criteria so why only half the money? Tell them you will be very public, seek legal assistance etc.
    I got a fake once nad the seller tried to clear up her account. I was about $20 short at the end so I jsut left it but I would not leave it at $200.
    Good luck and please keep us posted.
  10. Oh, Paypal is wrong if that is the case, they cannot assign a value to a fake. Call them and ask them to reopen the dispute, have the bag authenticated by Carol Diva and get all your money back. Did you pay by CC? If so file a chargeback.

    Gosh, that stinks.
  11. UPDATE:

    Ladies, thank you ALL for your help & words of advice.

    I e-mailed the seller pointing out her responsibility. No response & I don't expect one, but at least I have proof that I went a step further to try to resolve the issue & collect the remainder amount owed to me.

    I also contacted Ebay via "Report a listing", just to at least give them a heads up about a seller who sold a counterfeit & pretty much doesn't care.

    Finally, I called PayPal to bring up the question about why I didn't get the full refund if the listing had the $2000 buyer protection. The gentleman I spoke to was extremely nice & helpful & said that it must have been a computer glitch, but that I AM entitled to a full refund. He put in the request to refund the remainder $220 owed to me & that that would be processed within 24-48 hours. Let's hope it all runs smoothly from here. Once I get the remainder back, there is no question- I'll be sending back that fake Gucci aka Fucci to that loser of a seller. Good riddance!!!

    Once again, thank you all for listening to me & giving your great feedback!!! :yahoo:
  12. Yay! :yahoo:

    I would not send the bag back to the seller though, they will most likely sell it again. Also, it is Paypal that refunded you the money not the seller, so it should actually be shipped to Paypal or destroyed. The seller still has your money and would have the bag to resell again if you send it back to them. I would ask Paypal what you should do with it and see what they advise.
  13. Good observation, Emald- I will address accordingly with PayPal. Thank you.
  14. Sounds promising, let us know when you get your $$$ back. Well done!
  15. I look for that $2,000 buyer protection and it often makes a difference on whether or not I bid so I'm glad to hear it counts for something.