Gossip Girls Show--Hermes scarf

  1. Anyone see the silk scarf Serena's mom was wearing? It was white with a black lining on the edges and some sort of print. I love it but would like info on it. thanks
  2. thank you! Im guessing it will be pretty hard to find to purchase?
  3. i know where you can get one. I will pm you.
  4. she is wearing a medor watch bracelet type thing too!
  5. ^^I noticed that!
  6. What lovely scarf!
  7. I think there is a later issue of that, you may be able to find it....
    I love that design...it was a grail for me....

    (then I go it)
  8. I only wear white scarves; not all white, but white background, or white w/piping.....this is beautiful.....:love:.yellow is my favorite color....... this is just really beautiful:girlsigh: I would love to have this scarf and a sable kelly bag w/GHW......in my dreams I walk into a store and there they are.....:girlsigh:
  9. Serena's mom was also carrying a blk box kelly! I can't believe I'm admitting this but on the show (since I watch it every week, guilty pleasure), serena's mom is often wearing Hermes accessories. So far I've noticed she's carried another color box kelly and tan ostrich birkin 2 times on the show. I know IRL Kelly Rutherford (serena's moms name IRL) has an impressive Hermes collection herself and even named her son Hermes! LOL =P
  10. I dont watch the show but I am familiar with the scarf but I noticed that Kelly Rutherford had this scarf, I saw it attached to her bag in the "Stars and hermes" thread and I wonder if the show didnt use Rutherford's scarf since it's HTF (even if it was reissued 6 yrs ago).

    It was shown in a Harper's Bazaar editorial the last time it was reussied so of course, it was even more desired than ever.
  11. That is a really, really beautiful scarf. :heart:
  12. (OT: Inner thoughts... thank god I'm not the only one over 18 who will admit to watching the show...)
  13. I LOVE gossip Girl! Gulity pleasures and the syles are TDF! The black box looked fab on her!
  14. I too love Gossip Girl and Lily's Hermes accessories. What makes the show even better are New York magazine's snarky synopses the following day (http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2007/11/gossip_girl_gives_us_the_thank.html)

    But what kills me about the show is that all of the adults are seemingly a decade younger than me! and they have kids that are applying to colleges! It makes me hug my 5 year old all the more tightly.

    But back to Hermes...I record it just so I don't miss a Birkin, bracelet, or belt.