Gossip Girl

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Who is your favourite Gossip Girl female?

  1. Serena

  2. Blair

  3. Jenny

  4. Vanessa

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  1. Hi I couldn't find any Gossip Girl Threads so I thought I'd start one myself. I have recently started watching Gossip Girl after seeing a few recent episodes (series 3?) and started watching the ones on MTV which has gone through series one and two, to catch up. I have to say I'm completely hooked! The show is amazing!

    Are there any other Gossip Girl fans on the purse blog?

    Oh and does anyone know when the new episodes come in 2010? I've heard it's maybe March...
  2. There's a big Gossip Girl thread here in the "television and cinema" section :flowers:
  3. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.