Gossip Girl

  1. airs today !!!! :yahoo:
    I just wanted to start the thread :p I also hope that the show will live up to my expectations...

    Enjoy it !
  2. I watched it last night...it was awesome....looks like I got another favourite to add to the list...good thing, seeing as they cancelled Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars..
  3. i watched it last night too it was really good
  4. Was last night's show a pilot episode? Or is it already a second one?
  5. i thought it aired tonight after ANTM? i'm recording it. i figured it might be a new guilty pleasure since gilmore girls is forever gone, but i kinda cringed when they said it was from the creators of the OC :push:
  6. I watched it on my iPod... It says the episode airing tonight is the pilot.
  7. Watching it now...it's good so far! Serena is very pretty!
  8. Watching it now...So far I like it.
  9. Aw man...I didn't think it was starting yet. I hope they reair it. :sad:
  10. I just watched it & I am absolutely hooked!!!!
  11. I DVRed it (Canadian version of TiVo :lol:) so I am not going to read this thread just in case there are any spoilers. Previews looked good so I am sure at least the first few episodes will be half decent. The actress playing Serena IS really pretty.:yes: I liked her ever since the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.:tup:
  12. Me too! Much better than I thought it would be.
  13. Fun and juicy! I love all high school drama......
  14. I can't wait until the next episode!!
  15. Bleh, I wasn't impressed. I don't think most of them are that great of actors, I don't like that Eric is suddenly suicidal, and Jenny is COMPLETELY wrong. She's supposed to be a brunette, she's supposed to have a huge chest which is the main reason for her insecurities, and she's supposed to have curves. She was my favorite character in the book because she was a sweetheart amongst all the snakes.

    Chuck and his scarves cracked me up, though -- he was always a bit of a weird dresser in the books. I wonder if Sweetie will make an appearance?