Gossip Girl the TV series

  1. Does anyone read the books? I absolutely love the book series and I'm so excited that its going to be a television series now! It's coming to the CW this fall, I can't wait.
    Heres the link to the preview
    Tell me what you think of it so far :smile:
  2. Ooh! I've read all the books. I think I will watch the show. I pictured Nate to be a lot....uhhmmm, cuter?!
  3. ^^ Totally agree with the Nate thing. I read all the juicy books but I have a feeling that the series isn't going to be as great....
  4. ooooh, its going to be a TV show? excellent!
    Teading gossip girl is my guilty pleasure. The preview looked pretty good.
  5. OMG! yes, totally love the books! i also imagined nate to be cuter but he isn't that bad. i also imagined serena to be prettier (don't get me wrong, blake lively is pretty but in a different way than what i expected)
    blair is what i expected.
    if you go onto the gossip girl myspace there is a really cute picture of "chuck" but on the show he's not nearly as cute!
  6. ahhh... i'm 23 and i have to admit... i shouldn't read these books, but i do...

    ahhh, feels good to get off my chest. sadly (?) i own all of them.
  7. I absolutely cannot wait!

    I'm a sucker for Gossip Girl... and proud to say that I own all the books :roflmfao:
  8. i haven't read the most current one yet, but i've got it on hold at the library (i'm a cheapo)
  9. I'm soo excited for this!:yahoo: