"Gossip Girl" handbag - on the lead character

  1. Hi everyone -

    I admit, I saw "Gossip Girl" last night just to see what the hype was about and especially to see what kind of clothing/accessories the female leads were wearing.

    In particular, I was struck by a brown/tan handbag that the character named "Serena" was wearing when she first arrived home. My first thought was either Coach (kind of like the Hamptons hobo, but not exact, or Gucci) but would love some help in IDing it.

    This is the best picture I could find, which admittedly, is a very poor picture -


    (Picture from USA Today)

  2. Hmm..I like her jacket!
  3. I watched with my daughter, and I think she had that bag in another scene, and I think it is Coach. A newer style with some whipstitching.
  4. My TiVo decided to pull a hissy fit and I had to reset it all so it didn't record GG (though it is being rerun Sunday).

    I too wanted to see the accessories. And I love the jacket in the pic too.
  5. Here is a better photo if it helps.

  6. I watched it too, and I can't blame it on a teenager lol. I liked the bag too, and kept hoping to get a good look at it. There was also a bag that one of the girls wore(don't know all the names yet, but I think it was the younger sister of the shy guy who is in love with Serena) when they were having lunch on the steps.
  7. That clasp on the front makes me think of some Dior bags I saw on Bluefly, but I am not even remotely familiar enough with designers to name the bag.
  8. I just looked at Bluefly and it was the Rebelle I was thinking of. I know that's not the bag though.
  9. That's Jenny!
    I loved the books, so hope it'll air in the Netherlands soon.
  10. CWTV has full episodes online that you can view for free. I do not see episodes of this show up yet, but check back. They may start adding them soon.
  11. I remember reading the first book. Seems like they would be carrying more higher priced stuff. LV,Chanel, ect...
  12. The hardware kind of looks like Mike and Chris, but in this picture it doesn't look like that....


  13. It's a Coach, it was from last fall I believe ? I know there are pics of it in the Coach forum, but I promise it's Coach ! I really remember liking that bag !