Gosh what should i do? sry, i can't make up my mind!

  1. Alright ladies, remember there was a poll not long ago about Chanel flats, baby animal jewls? W/all of your thoughtful inputs, i thought i decide my mind on the flats and baby animal necklace, but oh boy, now i learned the pink caviar classic flap is still available......i think i am going to switch gears and get that in gold hardware instead of the shoes....sry for being a copy cat, and plz forgive me for asking your advice but change my mind in the last minute.....*dash*

    I just feel sooo guilty to change my mind after how everyone tried to help me, but luckily there's TWO pink caviar medium flaps in gold available in my local Saks, so i am going to pick up my earrings(3 sets of CC rhinestone stud, granny, me and 'just in case' set:sweatdrop: )today and take a peek at it, hopefully i can bring it home, but we will see!
  2. You're buying what you truly love! Don't feel sorry. :smile:
  3. Don't feel bad! I was going to get the ballet flats, but I got thinking to myself 'that is nearly half of the price for a Chanel bag?', so after alot of deep thinking:confused1: I decided against getting the shoes. I still like them, but I realise that I didn't really need them and remebered that the more I wore them, the more they will wear in. However, with a Chanel bag you can use it and use it and it won't wear like the shoes. I say that you are totally making the right choice- and just before the price hike! Yo go girl!;)
  4. ohhhhh the pink classic flap is gorgeous definitely get it.....pink is the new "black", can wear with anything ('cept maybe orange lol)

    hey, never apologize about asking opinions and changing your mind on this forum LOL the right choice!! with price hike, if its the jumbo, it will be $2,295
  5. If it were me, I would definitely choose the bag right now before the price hike and look into jewelry, shoes and other Chanel items later.
  6. Oh a pink chanel bag :love: is TDF!!!
  7. No worries at all classic chic.. u have got to LUFF your new purchases. thats is the most important!! :yes::yes:
  8. You are def. doing the right thing, I would do the same.
  9. Follow your :heart: you'll never go wrong. Enjoy!
  10. As much as I looove Chanel shoes and Christian Loubo's, I still can't bring myself to buy designer shoes. The wearability factor is so much lower than a purse. A purse can go with so many outfits while shoes can't. Bags always outweigh shoes for me. Longevity factor of a bag exceeds shoes imo.
    So go for the flap, the flats get worn and ugly with use. Your flap lasts so much longer.
  11. I know my shoes take a beating... the bag was a wise choice.

    And pink... what a GREAT color!!! You must post pics!
  12. That's what I would do too!!! I am happy for you. Hope you enjoy your bag!
  13. Make the purchase that truely makes you the happiest. Post some pictures when you can.
  14. Thanks everyone for being so supportive and understanding! >>>hugs<<< I thought about how i don't want to charge the plastic for the flap, and will just use my EGC card plus some Saks certificate from X-mas to pay for the earrings(3 sets)-there's no way i can fork up 5k(w/my two First Chanels earlier this month) in one short month to pay off the balance. But my lovely SA, Brandi, manage to put the charge on Saks card before i hand out the EGC, so i was like 'hum, guess i had to spend these cards before the price go up' and come home w/the pink classic flap. The pink is more on the orange side for me? Can't post pix now because i haven't figure out a way to smuggle it into the house-that's why i :heart: shop w/big totes, stuff the loot in tote and :whistle: as i approach my room....:sweatdrop:

    Not sure if anyone is looking for the following, thought i'd mention some unique pieces i saw in store, purple crushed lambskin flap (from lady braided line), and a red flap lambskin also, not classic, but modern chain? also a purple-ish python clutch, and a black leather key chain w/huge CC logo + club in silver hardware (runs around 315?), and a pearl necklace. The turn over rate is not as fast as other local Chanel in NM, so i have better luck w/Saks.
  15. Congraz Classic Chic! !!!! Pics plz.... you made an ABSOLUTELY right choice !!!! Just curious, which Saks were you at ??'coz I couldn't find any Pink Flaps with Gold HW in Large (10'' one) before at all.