Gosh, it's been so long since I've been here, but I need your help :(

  1. I'm having serious 'sellers' remorse over letting my black betty go about 6 months ago and I was just hoping, hoping, someone out there knows where I could possibly find a black betty (satchel style) in the medium or large size?? A black patent one just sold on eBay and I missed it (am kicking myself now)....

    Anyhow, I just think that Betty's are the best bag, especially for work and I miss mine.
  2. I think there is a small patent one on bag borrow or steal! I'm not sure thats the one you are after but they have some others as well!

    Also check at annsfabulousfinds!
  3. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that :crybaby:I recently sold a couple of my Chloe's & MJ's and fear the same will happen to me...

    How set are you on the color (black)? The only reason I ask is because mona_danya just posted a thread under "Chloe Shopping" (sorry, I don't know how to link to other treads here) and her NMLC has a Chain Handle Betty for $644 -- which is a steal! Only thing is it's either choc or red (can't tell exactly from the pics) and it is in Canada, so don't know about customs either. Best of luck in your search :tup::heart:
  4. i have the same problem, i sold most of my paddys and i regret it so much, i now spend my time looking for the same bags, in future i wont be selling anymore!
  5. The betty I posted about is burgendy red and its in NMLC in the the US! We don't have Neiman Marcus in Canada, but I soooooooooo wish we would.
  6. Thank you, mona_danya, for clarifying -- on both the location and color :flowers: I was quite impressed actually -- I thought to myself, "Wow! NMLC is really getting their act together and expanding!" Sorry to hear that is not the case! What state is the NMLC you shop at in?

  7. That NMLC with the burgandy Betty Chain was in Georgia..just outside of Atlanta.
  8. Thank you so much everyone! I will keep my search going. I have a learned a very valuable lesson, if you even have the slightest hesitation when selling a bag, don't do it. At least in my case, I regretted it. I wonder if Chloe is every going to make the Betty again :sad:
  9. Welcome back mammab! I know that Anns has a choco but I'll keep my eye out too.
  10. Thank you, Carmen :flowers::flowers::flowers: Truth be told, I'm dangerous enough with the NMLC & Off 5th that are nearby! It's probably better if I stay, "in the dark" wrt the NMLC's in other states --the temptation is too much for me to handle :sweatdrop: