Gorgeous Zoe, new "C"s and a new purchase.

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  1. So I've been super good lately-I haven't been shopping much at all and today was a day full of returns so I decided to treat myself to some Coach.

    I went to Macy's and they had a huge sale, tons of stuff was 25% off,they even had tables full of stuff in addition to what was on / in their counter.

    Anyway, they had several zoes. I fell in LOVE with a dark cranberry/burgandy color-but since it wasn't on sale, I wasn't buying it..yet. So I have pics of that for you.

    Also, I wandered over to the shoe dept and saw the new "c"s on some shoes so I snapped a pic of that too.

    Lastly, I bough a sig stripe large tote for school (coming up in T-9 days! omg!)...it was $220.


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  2. Love the Zoe. I need to start saving for a bday present for myself. Maybe a Zoe??
  3. the color is to die for!
  4. Wow, the siggie zoe's are so pretty. I think I like the new pattern in that color combo. The more I see of it the more its growing on me. Love your bag. Enjoy. Thanks for the pictures.
  5. I love the Zoe!!! I'm still not sure about those C's!
  6. the new c's look very mod/retro on the shoes. maybe its the color combo too.
  7. Congrats on your tote. Its gorgeous!
  8. You and I have the same bag! I'm hoping the new "C"s will grow on me!
  9. i love the bag but i hate the way the "CC"s dont match up it makes it look really fake
  10. well, knowing that its not fake makes me feel better . :smile:
  11. I know I am in the minority, but I love the new c's and I was never wild about the old siggy stuff. It was all right, but this is really different. I am really drawn to it.
  12. Even though I haven't been liking the new sig, I do say the pumps are very pretty with them!
  13. Congrats on your new tote. :tup:
  14. Good choice on the new tote for school!:tup:

    Is the bag to the left of the cranberry Zoe the new patchwork??

  15. Those shoes w/ the new C's are kinda cool looking! Thanks for the pics - gotta check them out next Macy's trip for sure!