GORGEOUS wallet on Coach japan website!!!

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  1. Hi! I know someone posted a picture of this wallet awhile back but I dont remember ever seeing information about where i could get my hands on one! It is on the Coach japanese website so I cant even tell how much it is. Does anyone know the name & price of this or have any info on where I could get one? Thanks!
  2. Pic???
  3. Yeah, I think it was spacytracy that posted a photo of it because she said she saw it at our Hawaii DFS. It's soooooooo nice!! I love it!! I think pink and brown is such a great combo!! The Japanese website says the name is Ergo Signature Scarf Compact Clutch. I don't know how much it'd be in the US, though. And I forgot how much spacytracy said it was here.

    I would absolutely love this wallet or even the longer version!!
  4. Looking at the pic, the bottom left corner says "Limited Edition"

    Can anyone confirn this?
  5. Yes, it's limited edition.
  6. The one with the pink signature. It's gorgeous.
  7. Is there any way to order from the web site in Japan? I saw a keyfob that I really like. It has 6 or 7 different colored horseshoes on it.
  8. Wow, it's really cute! Love it!
  9. I would try calling JAX with the style number off of the Japan Site and see if they have it and can ship to you. The style number is the same for both websites.
  10. I want this wallet!!!!:wtf::drool::heart: and anything that matches it....:graucho:
  11. I agree..I love the rosey pink and brown combo. Very versatile, can wear it in the spring and as a pop of color for the fall.
  12. shoot..if it came out with matching little bag..I would wear it anytime:smile:
  13. unfortunately you cannot order this from JAX in this color combo. The only one available to order is in khaki/mahogany and it's $268 in the slim envelope style. The pink one - envelope - is at the Waikiki DFS Galleria for $348 and it is LIMITED EDITION. Not sure if they can ship it to the mainland or not but it's worth a call to find out. I think, can't be sure though, that they also had this compact clutch there too along w/matching bags that were TDF!

    here is thread where I was talking about it and the phone numers/style number is listed too: http://forum.purseblog.com/coach-shopping/anyone-looking-for-a-limited-edition-wallet-184254.html