Gorgeous vintage ligne now in stores *PICS*

  1. Hi
    I was just at Chanel at Short Hills Mall and the gorgeous vintage ligne is back. This is the one with reissue leather but comes in a great bucket size. Last year they sold out. I wanted the black but snagged a grey because it was the only thing left and I didn't think that they would be releasing the style again.... Now the black is in stores and a light and dark brown are coming soon. Some store may have them. This also comes in a great burgundy but SHM will not be getting that color.
    Do any of you have the tote? I :heart: mine!!
    Do you think I should get another color? Or would two of this same style be overkill?
  2. pics please!!!
  3. Swanky Mom, wish I could. My files are too big to post (allabamma helped me last time). If you want to see pix, I could e-mail to you. It is a gorgeous, gorgeous bag!!
  4. PM'd you!
  5. OMG..I must see these pics..LOL!!!!!
  6. Me too, Me too!!! I wanna see.:tender:
  7. Hi all,
    Wish I wasn't so computer illiterate and I could post them. I sent them to swanky mama--files are huge. Would happy to send to you all! PM me your e-mail.
  8. I think she's talking about the square vintage line and they have a really fabulous tote with a pocket on the front in that collection!
  9. I'd love to see pics also! Is it an open top or does it have some type of closure?
  10. It has a zip top closure and does have a pocket in the front. Hopefully someone will be able to post for me. I hate to keep you in suspense!
  11. Is this it?

  12. Roey,
    That is indeed my beautiful bag!! Thanks for posting pix. I don't think they will have the gray again this season but the black was already in stores. SHM was also getting a light and dark brown.
  13. Oh my goodness that is beautiful!!! I have to have that!! If you don't mind me asking, how much is that?
  14. I love that bag! I have the square vintage box on order with Nordstrom, the smaller bag in the line, in black. I am hoping it won't be too small; otherwise, I might size up to yours!

    The bag in the pic is $1995. Here's a front view:
  15. I PM'd you. I wanna see pics of your bag, please.:yes:
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