Gorgeous Valentino sandals!!!!

  1. I'm seriously contemplating buying these shoes at Neiman Marcus for $495...thoughts?

    I've never bought valentino before, so was wondering if they're generally cut small. I'm a size 6 and wondering if i should get a 6.5 instead. That's what i would get with Jimmy Choo, Louboutins

    Any thoughts?

  2. I love these shoes and have been thinkinggetting them myself also :smile:
  3. those are hot.
  4. like the overall shape, but the bow is too big for such a delicate d'orsay style.
  5. the bow is not too big, they look fantastic on. I have been thinking of the pink ones and will prob end up getting them this week. They run true to size IMO
  6. I think they are gorgeous!! I would love to see them in pink.
  7. stunning!
  8. comes also in color ROSSO -- I would like to have them in bright red, actually but between these 2 options, probably brown ones
  9. Valentino's usually run true to size.
  10. Thanks everyone, appreciate your thoughts, i think i'll go for the brown, though the rosso looks fun as well!!
  11. I say go for it.
    They're classic but quirky.
  12. Soooo pretty! Get the red ones!
  13. Those are fabulous shoes!!
  14. If you get them, post pics!