Gorgeous unusual Mulberry bags at my local boutique

  1. I often slink down to my local boutique, usually to window shop which sells various luxury bags, with a Mulberry section. Today in the window, there were some very unusual, stunning Bayswaters, one was a patent dark reddy brown, which contrasted beautifully with the brass, I was positively drooling, the second was a leopard print Bayswater, seemed to be made of short hair, maybe pony?.....

    There was a Mabel, made of snakeskin and the colour was different shades of brown......and lastly there was a Roxanne, which I'm not to keen on the style but this bag was soooooooooooo gorgeous, the colour was a deep dark grape purple, absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!....:yahoo:

    I'll try and take a picture of the display and post here.
  2. Wish i lived near a boutique! looking forward to seeing a piccie!
  3. Ive seen that dark purple Roxanne in a small boutique near where I live... the colour is gorgeous!!
  4. Me too that colour is divine!
  5. do you know what it was made of? I dont think it was darwin leather, also it didnt have the suede showing on the 'flaps'.
  6. Ok here goes.....I went out yesterday with my trusty digital & hubby, took some pics, but quite hard to take any decent ones, reflection was bad...I couldn't take a decent one of the leopard bayswater....but managed the Roxanne and patent reddy brown Bayswater....does anyone know the name of the black one?......My favourite here was the patent Bayswater, the colour was scrummy, closely follwed by the purple Roxanne, amazing colour!!!

  7. I have more to put up but can't figure out how to put attachments in my post?? Anyone know?:hrmm:
  8. Hi Claudia,

    Yes, in the Quick Reply box click the Go Advanced bar and then on the top there will be a paper clip icon. Click on this paper clip icon (make sure your popup blocker is off) and then voila, upload photos! There are limits to the pic sizes depending on the type of pics so good luck!

    And thank you for the Roxanne & Bayswater pic they are drool worthy. I am just chuckling on what your hubby must have thought. LOL He must have been rolling his eyes.
  9. Thanks Plain Jane for the uploading info :tup:....hubby thinks I'm nuts:shame:

    Here are the rest of the pics....bit blurry and high reflection, I had to take them really quickly.....I just think they're all gorgeous............
    PIC_0004.JPG PIC_0008.JPG PIC_0009.JPG PIC_0010.JPG PIC_0017.JPG