Gorgeous Turquoise Maddy is here!!!!

  1. OMG! I just have to thank jburg one more time for posting pics of her Mahala in this color. This is the prettiest bag I have ever seen:yahoo:I will post modeling pics in a couple of days. DH is out of town and my self pics leave something to be desired...
    Here is a pic of it sitting on the back of my little car, which matches the bigger one in my avatar.
    new maddy 006.JPG new maddy 005.JPG maddy 004.JPG
  2. gorgeous bag and nice backdrop!!
  3. OK. That came our strange^^you have to scroll over to see the 3rd pic which was taken indoors.
  4. Beautiful!! Congrats!!
  5. OMG...That color is so yummy I just want to pop it in my mouth and chew it up! Congratulations!
  6. Love the BIG pictures!!! I can almost reach out and touch them!! That bag is really pretty, congratulations again!!
  7. Yay for jmcadon!!! A more beautiful Maddy never existed. You will not regret your purchase.
    :choochoo: :woohoo: :choochoo: :woohoo: :choochoo:
  8. gorgeous JM!!!! :drool::love:love it--the color is so vibrant:girlsigh:......can't wait to see modeling pics!:woohoo:

    question for the maddy owners....can it easily be worn on the shoulder? or is it more handheld?:shrugs:i wonder if the maddy may be better for me in the future bc i don't need all the room my mahala has, but i do need shoulder option. tia!:flowers:
  9. Wow! The turquoise is amazing!!!!! Great picture. I hope I get to see one of these gorgeous bags IRL when I am at a JC boutique next week. Congratulations JM.
  10. Gorgeous bag. Between that and thepoppy it will be a colorful spring!
  11. Wow....I LOVE the color, and as for the rest of my comment....ditto what Mick asked! :okay:

    This bag is really growing on me, but I keep hearing how small it is. And yet for me the Mahala would be too big. So can the Maddy be worn over the shoulder? How much smaller is it than the Riki?? :wondering

    A truly beautiful bag JM!! Enjoy her!! :tup:

  12. yes, i have these questions too...will a choo :queen:please help us out! thanks!:flowers:
  13. Congrats are your awesome Maddy!! - I think that color is amazing!!
  14. Super cute!! What a great colour for spring!!:okay:
  15. That is one beautiful bag! Congrats!