Gorgeous Teal Twiggy on Ebay!!

  1. That is pretty and brand new in the box. Thanks for posting.
  2. :yes: I was just looking at that one. It is very pretty:love: I just :heart: it!!
  3. Wonder if it is as nice as my "authentic" teal first that I am getting from Bluefly.:lol:
  4. Oh, that's one of ByMimi's bags. I recognized the font, hehe :P I think she posts here too but she's a member over at TFS and has a lovely B-bag collection :love: I saved a pic of her b-bag family and drool everytime I look in my Purse folder teheheee.... :amuse: No wonder my parents think I'm crazy :roflmfao:
  5. ^ awwww!!!! yup, it's me!!!! :love:

    if anyone has any questions about it or needs anything - please don't hesitate to contact me!!! I'd LOVE for it to go to a pf member because then I know it would go to a bbag loving family :biggrin:
  6. I was just going to post about this bag, it's beautiful! :heart:

    Good luck, MiMi!
  7. Ohhh I knew I'd seen you around here!!! :amuse: I love your B-bags!!! :love: I couldn't pick a favourite out of them if I was put under torture hehehe :lol: Good luck with the auction, the Teal is :love:
  8. good luck with auction mimi!!!
  9. Oh its just beautiful!! I wish I had some money to spend righ now:sad:

    Good luck with the sale, I'm sure it will sell! :yes:
  10. Thanks everyone!!!!! I'm sad to part with it, but I know it will find a loving home!!!! :love: You all are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!
  11. I was just looking at it!
  12. It's gorgeous, Mimi!!! Whoever getting this is definitely lucky!!!
  13. Oww, I think I might need that one real bad...
  14. ^ Irish, she would LOVE for your home to be her new home! :love: :biggrin: