Gorgeous Tano bag!

  1. My GORGEOUS Tano bag arrived today, lucious soft leather, really makes me wish I could find my camera.
  2. Ooh, these bags look very interesting, and the leather looks nice. I was contemplating one a while ago. Which style/color did you get Robyn?
  3. Congrats, robyn!
  4. I am so glad you like it! Please post a pic or tell us the name of the one you bought! I really like their fall line and want to buy a couple more...
  5. I got the "Bo Derek" in scarlet and it is so me. It is a HUGE hobo bag, the pictures on the website really make it look a lot smaller than it is.

    The leather is wonderful, the color POPS and it weighs next to nothing.

    I got this as a red bag to "hold me over" until I can get a rouge b-bag, but honestly, I love this bag so much that I am not so sure that I still want to spend over $1K on the b-bag.
  6. Robyn, are you planning to buy more Tano bags then? :smile:
  7. ^^ Yep. Love the leather and that the styles are neither boring nor overly ornate.
  8. I really like the Supersnazz bag, below. Thinking about red and cobalt colors, what do you think? I really like simple, not ornate bags like you mentioned...

  9. Robyn, I am posting a pic of the BowDerek you bought since you haven't found your camera... :yes: I sure like this one too.

  10. The SuperSnazz is gorgeous -- I like the red, but I guess it depends on which color you are more likely to carry.

    That picture truly does not do the Bow Derek justice, the red leather is so wonderful and there is a neat little buckle detail going on on the sides that doesn't really show up well in the picture.

    I will have to make my boyfriend tell me where he put the camera -- he got into the tub two weeks ago with one of our dogs and a pup we were fostering and he hid the camera becaue he was afraid that otherwise pics of him in the tub with two dogs would end up in our breed club newsletter;)
  11. yay, congrats! :biggrin:
  12. Ok, I took a couple of pictures. The one of me holding it got all blurry and awful from the flash, but I am including it so you guys can see how big this bag is.

    There are two bath towels in her & she is nowhere near full:smile:
    blurryredpurse.jpg redpurse.jpg
  13. That's a really pretty bag! And a very nice shade of red as well! :heart:
  14. Great bag! That red is really eye-catching!
  15. Great pic, thanks for sharing.