Gorgeous suede 02 hobo from our very own...

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  1. Very cool! Good luck, Mimz!
  2. beautiful! balenciaga suede is really special, and it was the first year of the raised pewter hardware...I have this in a classique and it is soooo nice. A rare one!
  3. This is almost very very close to my dream bag...
  4. What a rare beauty :nuts: :drool: !! Good luck with your sale MiMi :flowers: :love:
  5. Yay! It already has a bid!
  6. This is the time I wish I had a "sugar daddy"!
  7. wow, that bag is a real rare vintage piece!:love: if you want a bit a bal motorcycle history, grab it! good luck miss m!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. awwwww thank you so much everyone! :love: it really is a beautiful bag. :heart:
  9. Mimi -- I wish these auctions weren't private! I love knowing who gets or is bidding on your bags. Any PFers gonna fess up?

    Anyway, I have a suede bag from '02 (like varsha's) and it is fab. I have never seen this style though (except this one).

    You never cease to amaze me with all your amazing one of a kinds.
  10. ^^ actually my suede bag once belonged to LP, then got a hankering for a European tour...so it went to sweden to live with a very hospitable PFer for a while...saw all the sights, then got a bit lonely for the redwood trees so it came back to California to live with me <hehhe>

    And it looks brand new......but it does have a little more ...savoir faire? go balenciaga suede!
  11. ^ Varsha that is SO cute that you have LP's suede now, I seriously considered it back in the day - I *loooove* the suede in the motorcycle style, both the first and the old style hobo!

    Thanks chi for your well wishes ;) hehe. :heart:
  12. ^^ auction over, who got this beauty?!?! :yahoo:
  13. a wonderful girl, and a huge collector of balenciaga! :heart: :love: yay! ;)
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