Gorgeous Smooshy 06 Ink Day

  1. :drool: :drool: :drool: The leather on that bag is soo amazing!! That is exactly how I like my inks to be!
  2. mocean, I think I recognised this Day again.... she was yours!!:nuts:

    Don't know why I keep having this feeling like it's calling out to me....
    but I am so broke now :sad: + purseban imposed by phh ....:crybaby:

    Congrats in advance to the winner of this auction, you're a lucky mommy to this gorgeous Ink Day!:love:
  3. Yep, this is from a fellow PF'er.....just a couple months ago and is so amazing BUT I really want a lighter colored shrug (toffee, etc.) so I've promised myself, one must go if I add one. It was hard to pick btw my Ink Hobo or the Greige City, but I just LOVE the Greige color so much. Hope this goes to a loving home!!
  4. ooohh so tempting

  5. Don't worry, I'm sure she will go to a loving home! She's soooo smooshy~~:love::drool:
    Good luck with your sale!!:flowers:
  6. Wasn't it slinks who really wanted an ink day?

    This one looks great, it's less distressed than mine whch I have learned to love and have used 4 days in a row now. The Ink day is a perfect every day bag!

    Go for it girls!
  7. Catcat, you are so sweet to remember! Think I'm set for now though :graucho: