Gorgeous Silverado on Ebay!

  1. it looks small, is the satchel always little?
    The only ones I've tried on seemed massive!
  2. ^^^ The satchel isn't that small. I think it's just a little smaller than the normal paddy satchel. I only have the silverado tote, so trying to gauge from memory. The ones I've seen a lot lately are the shoppers and those are a bit huge. I think the satchel really defines the style of the silverado first and foremost (not saying that I don't love the other silverado styles).

    I wish I could have one of each in every color. That may satisfy me.
  3. That is the normal size of the original medium satchel. It is a good sized bag and the leather is TDF! That is definitely an authentic Silverado if anyone is interested. No doubt!!
  4. oh its sooo cute, i would so buy if i hadn't just bought a cambon pochette.