Gorgeous sequinned spy on EBay

  1. oh my these NEVER come around. Once in a lifetime! Someone HAS to snag this. If I only had the funds....wahhhhhhhhhhh.
  2. The seller made a mistake on the listing,though. She's saying that authentic spies should have only 1 row for the serial number on the hologram tag (AB11111 for example), while the fake spies have 2 rows (for example A on the top row and 11111 on the bottom row)...it's TOTALLY wrong! AUTHENTIC first season spies DID come in 2 rows! Fendi started making it one row about a year ago or so...from AB, then AC, then AD,etc...now it already gets to AG. I tried to msg the seller but no response as of yet. I just DON'T want people to think if they see a spy with 2 rows serial number is a fake :rant: :rant:
  3. You're absolutely right. Great of you to let her know :smile:
  4. wow, what an amazing swoon bag :smile:
  5. That is one HOT bag!!!:love: I WANT IT NOW!!!:hysteric:
  6. Yes The spy is to die for, But the blue Hermex, OMG!
    like Gwen could say:"If I was a rich girl.... na na na na na na na na na na na."
  7. :heart:This is my DREAM bag!!! :heart:It is like the Holy Grail of bags for me and to see this on eBay is so cruel....if only I had more money!! :girlsigh:Am seriously considering selling all the bags I have bought this year to fund buying this one.... I hope one of our girls gets it! It really is beautiful!:tender:
  8. ohh... AmourN20 !!! this one has your name on it!!!
  9. My girlfriend has this one and it's still available for sale in our local fendi store!
    It retails around 860£
  10. Really - do you mind my asking which is your local Fendi store? £860 is bargain. I asked once at Selfridges and was told it was around £2000 maybe more :wtf:

  11. I read this and I remember her thread about wanting one! I hope she gets it!!!
  12. original price is 5000 + USD. whoa.
  13. I'm in Cyprus...Might not be that close for you :P

    If interested I can give you their contact details... I Don't know if they'll ship items though...I'm about to visit their store tomorrow, can't wait till they have the new belts!
  14. Pls, pls give me their contact details. For £860, I'd be on the next flight to Cyprus :yahoo:
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