GORGEOUS Rouille First on AFF $900!!

  1. I love this color but i wish this was a Twiggy.:crybaby:
  2. Fendi, I just saw this on AFF, love it :supacool:
  3. I love it too. But I just seriously broke my purse ban to get a lilac work that I had been DYING to get (yep, that was me baiyishang). It wasn't on my wish list, but I wanted a lilac anything and the Work style would probably have been my next purchase after the end of the purse ban anyway.

    I think Rouille is a beautiful color and certainly not to overpowering in the First style.
  4. I love the Work too and just bought Citychris's in truffle :p

    I'm having the hardest time finding more colorful Part Times :crybaby: If you should come accross any, please post them :heart: :heart:
  5. It's still up on AFF. Surprised it hasn't sold yet. This color is very pretty in the First style.