GORGEOUS ROUGE VIF CITY!!! SP:$1100. or BIN: $1195.

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  1. ::faints::

    beautiful! !#$%^&*-ing purse ban....:hysteric:
  2. ^^^lol!!!!!!!!!
  3. I don't know if I am breaking rules here, but this listing is my listing. Please someone buy it!!!!!! If you have questions or suggestions, pm me.
  4. Good Luck Kathleen!!!!!
  5. My GOD you can't escape!! Cat they're coming at you from all sides! Rouge Vif Cities EVERYWHERE!!!

    I hope I have this kinda luck when I start looking for one of these babies in the next year! :nuts: Need to have some buffer time to give Inky some love and TLC!! :love:

    Ok... purse ban smurse ban - this is like fate... now you gotta get one!
  6. Beautiful bag; Kathleen you obviously took excellent care of this baby! Good luck on your sale!
  7. Thank you all - any suggestions on how to move it will be much appreciated.
  8. Hahahha....you're enabling me in multiple forums now! I :heart: you!
  9. Haha, Hippiechic, another rouge vif city. You can't avoid them now! You need this bag hehe.

    Good luck with your sale Kathleen! Can I ask you what kind of camera and photo set up you use? Cause your pics are amazing! I actually showed your listing to someone I know when I first saw it and asked how to take photos like that, and he just told me something like "a very expensive camera and set up." Ha, but I love your pics!
  10. I wish I could tell you but I am listing through one of those ebay consignment shops - The Selling Block. I am terrified of ebay and I knew I couldn't get the same pictures as they could. I will ask my salesperson, though.