GORGEOUS Rouge Vif City - BIN $1250

  1. The seller's taken great pics of her bag. Thanks for posting Firstclass!

  2. I would suggest to contact the seller, maybe she's willing to ship international ;)
  3. yup ill try to do that..ur right the colour is oh so looovely:heart:
    thanks for posting firstclass:flowers:
  4. Wow!! I want that bag it is Sooooo beautiful!!!!:yes:
  5. Fully recommend the Rouge Vif City, it's my favourite daily bag (alongside my Teal City)!
  6. YUMMY - rouge vif.... i cant wait to get mine! hehehe!
  7. And price dropped! BIN now $1150, bid as low as $1000.
  8. OMG, I did NOT need to see that! :nuts:
  9. I :heart: LOVE :heart: this color; thank god I was able to snag the First, City, Compagnon (Wallet) and Coin Purse ... gee, can you tell I like the color Red :lol: ?!?!

    There seem to be a number of these bags up on eBay right now ...
  10. Man....I SO want this bag. The color!!!!!!!! Why aren't I independently wealthy?
  11. Awwww....it's sold.:crybaby: Hopefully someone here got it!
  12. Love the rouge vif!!!
  13. It SOLD!!! What language is that? Darn it I can't read it I don't know what it says:confused1:
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