Gorgeous ROUGE THEATRE 05 CITY on ebay....

  1. Gorgeous!!!!
  2. OMG the color is so classy... and yet I usually dont like red bags and always go for goes-with-everything-black...this one is gorgeous and I can picture it with navy blue/sailor inspired clothing:nuts: (but after buying 2 bags last week Ill have to pass on this one)
  3. :tender: can't help but LOVE this shade of red... YUM! :love:
  4. This bag is truly beautiful!
  5. 05 rouge is definitely gorgeous!
  6. okay, gals, time for fessing up, who won this rouge '05 beauty?!?! :shrugs:
  7. wow for 1250, that's hot. who did get it?
  8. ME! Wooo hoooo:huh:Ooo:huh:Oo:huh:OOoo... =)
  9. Congrats!!!!! That is one beautiful bag!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::wlae::wlae::yahoo:
  10. woohooo, DQ, congratulations!!! :yahoo: you're gonna LUV her!!!:love:
  11. Congratulations Dancing_Queen!
  12. :yahoo: YAY!:yahoo:
  13. Yay Dancing Queen - congrats!!! It's a beautiful red color!!! You *so* deserve it!! :smile:
  14. Aww... Thanks ladies! I can't wait to shower it with some tender loving care!