Gorgeous Rose Twiggy from tPFer

  1. Good luck, giggles178.:idea:
  2. You are going to love it! Rose is by far my favorite color. I wish I could keep her. :crybaby: Congrats!
  3. YAY :yahoo: Congrats for a lovely find and a quick sale:yahoo:
  4. Congratulations lovelygarments. You will not be disappointed. Rose is a beautiful color and the Twiggy is an amazing style.

    BTW Giggles, I'm very happy for your sale.:yes:
  5. Thank you Fendi :yes: I am sure it will go seamless!
  6. Congrats to both buyer and seller. That bag is simply a dream!
  7. Now I want her other bag. Perfect companion to the rose. :idea:
  8. WOW!!! A Rose AND a Pistachio Twiggy. How insanely beautiful to have them both.:nuts:
  9. Green & Pink go sooooo well together. Too bad we can't carry multiple bags at one time. lol
  10. Well, we could but that would probably be very eccentric of us.:cool:

  11. LOL Just a tad.
  12. Oh, lovelygarments, you should definitely go for the pistachio. I already have two wonderful "older" greens -- anis and khaki -- or I'd go for it myself!
  13. Rondafaye,

    I have seen photos of some of your bags, and they are drop dead gorgeous. I'm going to have to pace myself - last month it was Chloes and now I've started on this fascination with the Balenciagas - I'm still trying to figure out the pricing and the different sizes. When you live in a small city like Cincinnati, you don't have the opportunity to see them in person. And when I travel, I do like to shop some, but generally we do more adventure kind of travel. Next trip to NYC, I know I'll definitely be doing the B-Bag shopping. I did e-mail AR, and they sent me a pdf which I'm going to look at later tonight. :smile:

    I do love the colors of some of the older bags. They are gorgeous. :yes: